Mental Toughness and Resilience: How First Responders and Armed Service Members Benefit from Hapbee

At Hapbee, we truly appreciate our first responders, from police officers to firefighters to nurses…and our military service members as well. That’s why we’re thrilled to hear about how Hapbee neural headset can help our first responder heroes in a unique way.

Ashlie Walton is the founder of LEO Warriors, a coaching practice that works one on one with  first responders, military service members, and their families. “I’m always looking for ways to enhance and serve them as best I can,” Ashlie says. “When I came across Hapbee, it was not something that I ever expected to be able to use for my clients. Now, I see how beneficial it is—not only for me, but how it might serve them as well.”

After switching on the Alert signal for the first time, Ashlie was hooked. She fully understands the science behind Hapbee neural headset and can’t believe she can experience the tech in her very own home. Every time she has a coaching session with one of her clients, she puts Alert on beforehand to help her be fully present.

“We often think that diagnoses are stigmatized in these professions,” Ashlie shares. “By putting on this device, we can take something like an emotion and actually find ourselves reverting back to whatever the foundational state is that we’re looking for by just choosing it, which I think is absolutely amazing.”

Officer Clint Walton, who has been a police officer for more than 13 years and co-hosts the Tactical Living Podcast with Ashlie, enjoys the Relax signal. He says,  “I can’t believe how relaxed this makes me feel, despite me just getting off duty.”

Ashlie is very optimistic about how Hapbee can assist first responders and military service members. She shares, “In the limelight of everything that happens with our first responders, in 2020 especially, I think this is just an incredible tool to be able to use. When you can spend frivolous money on so many other things that will never matter, this is something you can actually benefit from.”

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Disclaimer: Everyone is unique, and these results are not an assurance that Hapbee will have the same effects on you. Your experience may differ based on individual and environmental factors, which is why we back Hapbee with a 30-day Happiness Guarantee.

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