Hapbee and Oura Ring User Sleep Study Results Announced

Hapbee and Oura Ring User Sleep Study Results Announced

Updated: 5/9/2022

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We just announced the results of a five month survey that was conducted to garner sleep-related user feedback and data while utilizing Hapbee Sleep Signals. 

In this study, we collected sleep tracker data from Hapbee users who also use the Oura Ring, primarily to quantify the effects of Hapbee’s sleep and relaxation-related blends on the users’ sleep patterns.

In the first study analyzing the effects of Hapbee Ultra Low Radiofrequency Energy (ulRFE) bio-streaming technology on sleep outcomes, improvements were seen on a variety of key sleep quality measures, such as

  • Quality of sleep
  • Length of sleep
  • Reduced restlessness
  • Time to fall asleep

Key learnings from the study not only corroborate self-reported improvements from many of the Hapbee’s users, but have also enabled us to develop a series of best practices for optimal results, which is critical to enhance customer experience. Continued research will inform the most effective uses, timing, and sequencing of signals for improving sleep wellness.

Overview of the Oura Ring Survey

Thirty-one Hapbee users provided us with five months of Oura Ring sleep tracker biometric data between September 1st, 2021 and March 1st, 2022. Data from the participants in Hapbee’s study using the Oura Ring were derived from thousands of sleep sessions while enjoying the Company’s sleep signals and blends. The data was then analyzed based on several measures and contributors most closely related to sleep, including 

  • REM Sleep Score 
  • Restless Sleep
  • Total Sleep Duration
  • Total Bedtime, and 
  • Various subcomponents of Sleep Score 

Based on the data collected, the analysis revealed statistically significant positive correlations between using Hapbee’s Deep Sleep and Bedtime signals and improved sleep scores versus the same user biometric data when they did not use Hapbee.

It is noteworthy that the study group’s baseline sleep metrics were already in the Good Sleep range designated by Oura to begin with, and Hapbee use correlated to improvements above those starting points. This may be due to the fact that Oura Ring users are sleep quality conscious and could be using additional tactics to improve their sleep, which was further enhanced by Hapbee.

The Results

Melatonin (Deep Sleep) Signal

  • Sleep Score increased from a mean of 77.78 to 81.81 (p<0.0001)
  • Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep Duration significantly increased by more than 13.5 minutes from 5390 sec to 6214 sec (p<0.0001)
  • Nightly Awake Time was substantially reduced by almost 8 minutes, indicating that the signal extended the users’ REM sleep, a phase that helps with memory processing and learning, and shortened the amount of time users spent awake at night
  • Nightly Sleep Latency was reduced by approximately 3 minutes from 785 seconds to 609 seconds (p=.0018), indicating that this blend reduced the amount of time users spent trying to fall asleep

Bedtime (Adenosine) Signal

  • Sleep Score increased from a mean of 77.93 to 82.87 (p<0.0001)
  • Nightly Sleep Latency was significantly reduced by approximately 3.5 minutes from 778 sec to 564 sec (p=.0054), indicating that bio-streaming this signal reduced the amount of time users spent trying to fall asleep

The largest improvement in an individual user’s average Sleep Score and REM score was an increase of 17% and 48%, respectively, in which the Deep Sleep Blend, formulated with the magnetic signal of melatonin, was played.

How Oura Ring describes their Sleep Score:

  • 85 or higher: Your sleep is optimal
  • 70-84: Your sleep is good
  • Under 70: Your sleep is off and maybe balance seems off and there may be lifestyle changes you can make to improve it.

Our Hapbee Sleep Roadmap

At Hapbee, we know that when you sleep better, you live better. Good sleep is vital to wellness, and how you sleep impacts every aspect of how you feel. That is why we are investing our resources into products that will help you take control of your sleep, and as a result your day as well.

Keep up with Hapbee as we continue to evolve how you can change the way you feel, and sleep.

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