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Father of Biohacking, NYT bestselling Author, Founder of Bulletproof Coffee

Dave Asprey

"I was desperate to find ways to feel good and hack my mental wellness without drugs and toxins and drink and stuff. The brand new Hapbee wearable is my go-to piece of tech for modifying my mental state. Want more energy? Dial it up. More rest? Done. Same thing for focus, sleep, stress. Incredibly useful tech"



Heather Thomson

Star Heather Thomson wears many hats: mother of two, wife, inventor, designer, entrepreneur, podcaster, philanthropist, performer, speaker, athlete, licensed health and wellness coach, TV personality, and avid adventurer. “Take an hour to collect yourself. Reset your mind, restore your sense of peace, and Relax into the next big thing.” Rest, Restore, Relax Routine by Heather Thomson


Hapbee Receives Prestigious Nexus Certification Award from Grey Team as Top Military Suicide Prevention Tool for 2023

Grey Team

"Hapbee has become a critical component of our suicide prevention and wellness program, offering our service members an effective alternative to chemicals, drugs, or stimulants without any lingering side effects. It's a real game-changer because the results are immediate and can be used from home or, for that matter, anywhere"

- Grey Team’s founder and President, Cary Reichbach

Discover the Hapbee Smart Sleep Pad

Hapbee Smart Sleep Pad
  • Improve Deep Sleep up to 48%

  • Increase Focus

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety