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Hapbee is an augmentative wearable that emulates normal molecular interactions in the body through small, specific magnetic fields. Hapbee can replicate different feelings by playing safe, low energy magnetic signals. The feelings fall under six general categories: Happy, Alert, Pick Me Up, Relaxed, Calm and Sleepy.

The Hapbee Companion App controls your Hapbee device and allows you to play your feelings any time, any where.

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- Dave Asprey

Founder of Bulletproof Coffee

This product is a stroke of genius, and when I wear it around my neck with the light, I feel like ironman. I did this yesterday and everyone thought it was so cool... I feel it every time I try it, whether it is on my head or my neck. You've actually built something that works, and it does what it says it is supposed to do.

- Dan Sullivan

Founder of Strategic Coach

You're really changing the world here... The best analogy I have for this is electricity. The moment electricity was invented, it became the solution for many ways of doing things. I think the Hapbee will be self-coaching and self-explanatory. The moment someone gets the concept and they actually have the experience, they will sell ten, twenty, even fifty other individuals on getting this product. It will be a consumer generated revolution.

- Joe Polish

Founder of Genius Network

I get introduced to all kinds of things that people use for trauma or recovery, and what I'm most excited about Hapbee is the application for people with depression, cravings and addiction, and finding a healthy way to lead them out of suffering. The reports I am seeing and the people responding to this are amazing, so I'd love to see how this is helping addicts overcome or make progress in the area of recovery.

- Suzy Batiz

Founder of Poo Pourri

I'm experiencing the Calm signal and this is radical! Revolutionary. I drank the medicine, and whatever you are doing, I'm in.

- Brooke Burke

 Actor, Model, Entrepreneur

Thank you! This is so cool - I started out with Calm and it got into a really sweet spot. But I like to run a little bit higher so I switched over to Alert. And now I'm back. Wow, well done guys.

Dave Asprey
Dan Sullivan
Joe Polish
Suzy Batiz
Brooke Burke

The science Behind the signals

Hapbee uses proprietary low energy signals to influence the electrostatic surface potentials in your body using non-ionizing, non-thermal magnetic fields. The hapbee signals come from over 15 years of research studying molecular actions using some of the most sensitive Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID) magnetometers in the world.
The Hapbee signals are designed to have unique influence on your experience and target specific feelings.

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