Meet Hapbee, the technology that lets you choose your mental state.

Everything is Energy

Hapbee uses groundbreaking patented technology that captures the energy of a compound, and play its frequency back to you - giving your body the experience of it, without actually processing it.

how it works

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Get focused.

Put on your thinking cap, block out distractions, and start getting things done.

- Prime yourself for flow state

- Recharge in the middle of a busy day

- Get in the zone for the big presentation, game, or test

Conquer stress.

Shrug off stress with signals that melt away mental and physical tension, allowing you to finally and fully enjoy the moment.

- Feel more confident and relaxed in calls or meetings

- Let stress melt away at the end of a long workday

- Loosen up to enjoy fun times with friends

Rest & recover.

Keep your batteries topped up by promoting mental and physical recovery.

- Calm your mental chatter so you can drift off to sleep

- Promote full-body relaxation after a heavy workout

- Unwind after a mentally taxing day

A wellness revolution.

A new era in health, loved by wellness guru Deepak Chopra.

Real Science.
Trusted benefits.

The benefits of a drug without the harsh chemicals.

Experience Hapbee


Just pair with your phone, place the band around your head or neck, and select a signal.


Hapbee employs low-energy magnetic fields that have been used therapeutically for decades.


In blind tests, 100% of onboarded users can feel, and tell the difference between Hapbee's signals.

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To Whatever Mood You Choose

Experience coffee without the shakes. Alcohol without the hangover. Sleeping aids without the grogginess. When the band is playing, your body is vibing. When it turns off, it’s back to normal. And new Blends are being added all the time!

Pick your vibe, and just feel it.
Blends are here to get you where you want to go

Whether you need support waking up, going to sleep, staying alert, or calming down, there’s a blend just for you. The focus from nicotine without smoking a cigarette, the calm of a bourbon without the booze. At a frequency a million times less than your cell phone, Hapbee is the safest and most effective way to achieve the vibration you desire.

Hapbee Smart Wearable
Hapbee Smart Wearable
Hapbee Smart Wearable
Hapbee Smart Wearable
Hapbee Smart Wearable
Hapbee Smart Wearable
Hapbee Smart Wearable
Hapbee Smart Wearable
Hapbee Smart Wearable

Hapbee Smart Wearable

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Risk free 30-day money back guarantee.

The first wearable that lets you choose your mood, using electromagnetic Blends that are designed to help you feel focused, sleepy, relaxed, and more — on demand. 

Control your Hapbee device to play blends that help keep you calm, relaxed, energized, focused, and more! Experience ultra low frequency magnetic technology to bring extra feeling to the gym, office, home, or night out.

  • Includes 30 day All-Access Membership trial to all blends in the catalog  ($19/month to maintain All-Access Membership after trial period)

  • Two Blends of your choice included with Base Membership - Full access to catalog with All-Access Membership

Easy to Use: Wear around your head or neck. Ultra Low Frequency - Backed by decades of research.

Free Shipping - On all Continental US orders. Guaranteed to Work - Or your money back! 

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Get the Hapbee app

Simply put on the band, pair your device, choose the signal, and enjoy the feeling of Hapbee..



Revolutionary, I'm in.

Suzy Batiz
Founder, Poo Pourri

A stroke of genius.

Dave Asperay
Founder, Bulletproof Coffee

WOW! Well done guys!

Brooke Burke
Actress, Entrepreneur