Meet Hapbee, the technology
that lets
you choose your
mental state.

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Scientifically designed
for happiness, relaxation,
focus, and more —
whenever you need it.

Using low-energy magnetic
fields, Hapbee mimics signals
that your brain already

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"I'm experiencing the Relax Signal
and this is radical! Revolutionary....
I'm in."
Suzy Batiz
Founder, Poo Pourri
"I started out with Calm and it got me into a
really sweet spot. But I like to run a little bit
higher so I switched over to Alert...
Wow, well done guys."
Brooke Burke
Actress, Entrepreneur
"A stroke of genius... you've
actually built something that
works, and it does what it
says it is supposed to do."
Dave Asprey
Founder, Bulletproof Coffee

Hapbee aligns your
mind with your goals

Conquer stress

Shrug off stress with signals that melt away mental and physical tension, allowing you to finally and fully enjoy the moment.

  • Feel more confident and relaxed in calls or meetings
  • Let stress melt away at the end of a long workday
  • Loosen up to enjoy fun times with friends

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Get focused

Put on your thinking cap, block out distractions, and start getting things done.

  • Prime yourself for flow state
  • Recharge in the middle of a busy day
  • Get in the zone for the big presentation, game, or test

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Rest and recover

Keep your batteries topped up by promoting mental and physical recovery.

  • Calm your mental chatter so you can drift off to sleep
  • Promote full-body relaxation after a heavy workout
  • Unwind after a mentally taxing day

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Our mission:

unlocking your
true potential

Hapbee imagines a world where every human can unleash the
potential they're born with — the potential to be happy, present,
productive, and connected. By helping you take control of your
mind and mood, we aim to create that world with you.


Just pair with your phone, place
the band
around your head or neck, and select a signal.


Hapbee employs low-energy
magnetic fields
that have been
used therapeutically for


In blind tests, 100% of onboarded
users can feel —
and tell the
difference between — Hapbee's

Change your state
with Hapbee

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"I was skeptical."

"Before I tried out the Hapbee, I was skeptical for sure. I didn't think that there was any way that a little wearable could change the way that I felt and I was surprised. I tried it out two times and both times I was blown away that I was able to change my feelings. I am super excited to get my own Hapbee and really excited to see what new feelings they come out with in the future."

Tim W.
Phoenix, AZ
"Wonderful Experience."

"I had a wonderful experience using Hapbee for the first time. It was an easy way to help me wind down at the end of a long day spent with my two young kids . After wearing Hapbee for only a few minutes a deep feeling of relaxation started to set in. It's pretty incredible that this product could be so powerful and actually change the way I feel. "

Jess G.
Phoenix, AZ
"The best product I have found."

"In my line of work I am always looking to find ways to help others make their greatest contribution. This is by far one of the best products I have found. I believe this will be a game changing solution for people to experience life on another level."

Michael Chiasson
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

How Hapbee
changes your state

To see how Hapbee works, hear it directly from
scientists who have worked with the technology —
or dive deep in our whitepaper.

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