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Hapbee Smart Sleep Pad

• Fall asleep faster

• Stay asleep all-night

• Improve your REM sleep

• Wake up refreshed

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Sleep More. Stress Less. Live Better

Discover Hapbee the world's only revolutionary bio-streaming chemical-free technology.

Your sleepless nights are a thing of the past.

Hapbee is a revolutionary chemical-free technology solution guaranteed to improve your sleep, Naturally.

Engineered for Deep Sleep. Built for You.

Hapbee Changed my life. I now get the sleep I need

I had a sleep disorder since 2001. I couldn't function properly due to excessive tiredness. Since I found Hapbee I now have lots of energy. So very happy my husband insisted I try Hapbee!❤️ -Laara H

Best wearable wellness product, without a doubt!

After numerous attempts looking for a product that would help me sleep, without any harmful effects, I found hapbee! Now I not only have better sleep quality, but a better lifestyle - Chloe G

What a difference Hapbee makes! 4X increase in REM

15% increase in #ouraring sleep score primarily due to a 4x increase in REM sleep. Wow! You need this thing. -Martin T

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App Powered with Expert-Designed Routines For Specific Results

Select Routines for your situation and specific durations to sleep through the night, a power nap, Waking up in the morning.

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The next generation of wearable wellness technology. Hapbee is a chemical-free solution. By biostreaming the unique magnetic signatures of popular ingredients (like caffeine or melatonin) through the device, you can safely activate their effects (like focus, calm, or sleepiness), without any unwanted side effects.

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In the first sleepstudy analyzing the effects of Hapbee ULRE technology on sleep outcomes, improvements were seen on a variety of key sleep quality measures including up to 48% increase in deep sleep (REM) and up to 17% increase in ŌURA Sleep scores.

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When your sleep suffers, it creates a ripple effect that impacts your overall health. Hapbee gives you the power to optimize your sleep so you can live on your terms.

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The difference is night and day. Literally!

We have you covered day and night. The orignial Hapbee Smart Wearable for daytime, and the new Hapbee Smart Sleep Pad for night. Of course, the same patented technology powers all Hapbee devices. The difference is in function. The Smart Wearable for Day, placed around your neck or within the pillow sleeve. The Smart Sleep Pad, placed under your pillow for a great nights sleep.

🌛Smart Sleep Pad

New! A dedicated sleep form factor solution. Long battery life, slide it under your pillow and zzz...

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🌞Hapbee Smart Wearable

Original! The Smart wearable neckband for on-the go and to use throughout your day.

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