The Science Behind Hapbee

Hapbee is a revolutionary form of frequency therapy that uses ultra-low radio frequency energy technology (ulRFE®) developed by EMulate Therapeutics, Inc. to deliver magnetic signals to your body at the cellular level.

Powered by ulRFE® Technology

Magnetic fields have been used in therapeutic settings for decades.

Hapbee is powered by patented ultra-low radio frequency energy (ulRFE®) technology. Developed with approximately US$70 million to develop over the past 15 years, is backed by 32 patents that relate to Hapbee. Hapbee has exclusive global licenses for the consumer use of ulRFE® technology.

  • Record

    Molecules extremely weak magnetic signals are isolated and digitized.

  • Store

    Hapbee collects molecule signals into our library, even building combinations and sequences of signals.

  • Replay

    Signals are played back on a Hapbee device placed near your body to deliver the signals directly into your cells.

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Signals are Digital Recordings of Single Molecules' Magnetic Properties

  • Deep Sleep

    Recorded from Melatonin. A natural hormone produced by the body in response to darkness (timing of your circadian rhythms) to help you stay asleep.

  • Alert

    Recorded from Caffeine. Stimuates the brain and nervous system. A mild cognitive enhancer to increase alertness and attentional performance.

  • Focus

    Recorded from Nicotine. Stimulant drug that speeds up the messages travelling between the brain and body. It can improve concentration, memory, motivation and mood.

  • Relax

    Recorded from CBD. Commonly used to treat chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, insomnia and help with relaxation

  • Calm

    Recorded from THC. THC is often used to help with issues like pain or insomnia. Some use it help with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and social anxiety.

  • Happy

    Recorded from Alcohol. Used to increase your sense of wellbeing, increase calm and lower inhibitions.

  • Bedtime

    Recorded from Adenosine. Adenosine is a natural compound produced by the body. It promotes the sleep drive, or a person's need for sleep.

  • Boost

    Recorded from Theobromine. The natural stimulant found in dark chocolate. that can boost mood, cognitive function, and physical performance.

Signals are mixed into Blends

Blends are combinations of mulitple signals to maximize the benefits

Blends are combined to Routines

Routines are 'playlists' of biostreaming compounds. Restorative sleep helps you to relax at night, fall asleep, stay asleep, then wake up refreshed in the morning.

Hapbee currently has 21 unique Blends, 20 Routines, and is rapidly expanding.

Developing new signals is a core focus moving forward as we look to expand our library of sensations. Sign up to our email list to receive updates on new signals and our technology.

Hapbee Devices Deliver Signals Into Your Body

Hapbee devices are worn like accessories and deliver magnetic signals to your body and brain. These signals interact with charged particles in your body to create specific feelings or sensations. The devices are safe and fall within guidelines for low-frequency magnetic fields. By wearing a Hapbee device, you can choose how you want to feel, whether it's focused, energized, or peaceful. It's like having a personalized tool for enhancing your well-being and mood.

Shop Hapbee Devices
  • Have power in the spectrum 0-22 kHz

  • Are non-ionizing, non-thermal, and non-invasive. Effects wear off in 15-30m

  • Produce specific and precise time-varying magnetic fields

  • Are the proper vector and duration to create a discrete response unique to each signal

Scientific White Paper on Magnetic Fields

External magnetic fields have been shown to be capable of triggering responses and changes in biological systems. For an overview of how magnetic fields can cause effects in animal models and humans, please read the technical white paper from our technology partner, EMulate Therapeutics.

The Biggest Breakthrough in Sleep Technology in Over 100 Years