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Breaking the Stress-Sleep Cycle with Hapbee
How do you cope with stress? Do you fall prey to stress-snack cycles? Stress-three-glasses-of-wine cycles? Do you find yourself stuck in stress-pimple cycles or stress-migraine cycles? What about stress-argue-with-your-significant-other-over-mundane-things cycles?  Yeah, we aren’t saying it’s necessarily pretty, but there are...
Hapbee and Oura Ring User Sleep Study Results Announced
Updated: 5/9/2022 Read the full abstract here   We just announced the results of a five month survey that was conducted to garner sleep-related user feedback and data while utilizing Hapbee Sleep Signals.    In this study, we collected sleep...
Effects of Hapbee ULRE (Ultra Low Radiofrequency Energy) on Individuals with biometric sleep tracking wearables
Initial Results Last Updated 5/3/2022 Abstract Hapbee digitally mimics the effects of specific compounds (like caffeine and melatonin), without having to ingest or source the real versions. Hapbee uses cutting-edge, patented recording and bio-streaming technology to capture & recreate the...
Hapbee Included in Fast Company’s 2022 Awards of World Changing Ideas
Hapbee’s Bio-Streaming Technology Receives Honorable Mention in the Wellness Category Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards were announced today, honoring clean technology, innovative corporate initiatives, brave new designs for cities and buildings, and other creative works that are supporting...
Magnetic Fields Are Everywhere - The Science of Hapbee
  Magnetic Fields are Ubiquitous -- Magnetic fields are not only everywhere around us, but life itself couldn’t exist without them. In fact, it is the earth’s magnetic field that keeps the ozone layer, which protects us from ultraviolet radiation, from...
Digital Nootropics – A New Way to Improve Brain Function
  The term “nootropic” was coined in the early 1970s, using Greek terms, to describe compounds that act “towards (tropein) the mind (noos).”  It has evolved to describe anything that encompasses the ever-growing field of products that claim to positively...
Working from Home: The Good, the Bad, and the Hapbee
It’s no secret that the pandemic changed quite a bit of what was once a typical daily routine into anything but for many Americans. All sorts of presumptions about life dramatically changed; some, like the new normal of working from...
Feeling Burned Out? Try These 4 Lifestyle Changes
Raise your hand if you’ve felt burnt out at some point in the past two years. If it feels like a constant stream of meeting invites may never end, the ping of Slack messages come at every hour of the...
Why Managing Stress Will Lead to a Better Night’s Sleep
Do you know anyone who doesn’t experience some level of stress in their lives? Probably not, because it’s a fact of life — it’s your body’s natural physical, emotional, and mental reaction to life experiences.  However, not all stress is...
What are Allostasis and Homeostasis (and why do they matter?)
Hapbee: Helping to achieving stability through changing conditions (allostasis), and maintaining stability despite external changes (homeostasis) The science behind a Hapbee wearable is well-established, and can be found elsewhere on hapbee.com; the short version is that a Hapbee emulates the...
How to Leverage a Wearable to Optimize Your Stretching Routine
By Justine Hall If there’s one thing we all know about stretching it’s that we should probably be doing more of it. It’s the part of a workout that we tend to skip when we’re tight on time and think...
8 Tips for Putting the Power Back in Power Naps
Sleep is such a precious commodity these days, yet most Americans just aren’t getting enough — 35.2% of U.S. adults report sleeping, on average, for less than seven hours per night, according to the Sleep Foundation. By logging so few...
How to Build the Perfect Bedtime Routine for a Great Night’s Sleep
Written By: Hapbee While simply switching off the lights and closing your eyes may have been enough to get your 40 winks when you were younger, many adults — especially the 50-70 million U.S. adults who have a sleep disorder...
5 Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep
Written by Justine Hall You know the feeling: restlessly tossing and turning throughout the night unable to fall asleep and wondering how you ever slept before. You can also probably remember some incredible moments of waking up after a great...
How to Hack Your Sleep without Drugs
Sleep is a pillar of high performance. It’s one of the most important things you do.  Written by Dave AspreyThe Father of BiohackingFounder, Bulletproof Coffee Low-quality sleep screws with almost every aspect of your biology. It causes fat gain, muscle loss,...
Featured on Ask Dr. Drew: our CTO Brian Mogen Ph.D. Discusses the Science of Hapbee

Featured on Ask Dr. Drew: our CTO Brian Mogen Ph.D. Discusses the Science of Hapbee

Hapbee’s new Feel Better 365 Day - money back guarantee
Hapbee’s new Feel Better 365 Day - money back guarantee
11 Science-Backed Ways to Add Years to Your Life
Living to be 100 isn’t a given, even for those who have excellent genes. Longevity is largely dependent on your lifestyle choices and habits, so you actually have a lot of control over how long you live. Here are some scientifically-proven ways to add years to your life.
The Real Reason You Can't Remember Your Dreams
Dreams have been an intriguing mystery to humans ever since we started walking the planet. Here are some of the factors that could cause you to remember (or forget) your dreams.
How to Fix Your Poor Sleep Hygiene

The decisions you make before you go to sleep (and throughout your entire day) have a huge impact on your sleep quality and your ability to sleep through the night. Once you figure out what you’re doing to contribute to your own poor sleep hygiene, you can take steps to fix it.


The Science Of Hapbee
  The Influence of Magnetic Fields Magnetism is a fundamental part of life. It plays a role in bird migration, fish navigation, and other phenomena. Electromagnetic fields can be found everywhere in our environment. From the Earth’s crust to submarines...
Hapbee Smart Wearable
Hapbee Smart Wearable
Hapbee Smart Wearable
Hapbee Smart Wearable
Hapbee Smart Wearable
Hapbee Smart Wearable
Hapbee Smart Wearable
Hapbee Smart Wearable

Hapbee Smart Wearable

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