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How to use your Flexible or Health Savings Account to Purchase Hapbee with pre-tax savings. 

Hapbee has partnered with TrueMed to allow you to use your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) at Hapbee. This means you can buy our products with pre-tax dollars, resulting in net savings of 30-40%. 

Hapbee x TrueMed

TrueMed is on a mission to make healthy options more affordable. Hapbee is on a mission to optimize sleep quality and reduce chemical dependency. Together we believe:

  • Food is medicine.

  • Exercise is medicine.

  • Sleep is medicine.

Since sleep is considered to be a very beneficial tool for one's mental and physical health, FSA and HSA cards are now being accepted as health and medical expenses on Hapbee Technology purchases

HSAs and FSAs were created for you to spend tax-advantaged dollars on products and services that can treat or prevent medical conditions and we are making it easy to do just that. All you have to do is add products to your cart, select TrueMed as your payment option at checkout, enter your HSA or FSA debit card, and take a quick health survey to determine eligibility.

This payment option determines eligibility and enables qualified customers to pay with their HSA/FSA funds in checkout.

Once you’re approved, that’s it! You’ll receive an order confirmation and successfully save 30-40% (your effective income tax rate) on your order!

How it works:

  1. Add items to cart and checkout on Hapbee

    • Please checkout as a Guest
    • Note: Membership Products are not available for HSA/FSA purchase. Please remove any membership items from your cart, they would need to be purchased or activated separately with a standard Credit Card.
  2. Select TrueMed - Pay with HSA/FSA as payment option

    • Eligible to US residents only
    • Eligible only for use with your HSA or FSA Card

  3. Follow the steps on True Med 


    • Enter your HSA or FSA Card details

    • Fill in a brief and secure eligibility survey

    • Complete your purchase

  4. That's It

    • You've now been able to use your HSA or FSA Pre-Tax funds to purchase Hapbee. 
    • You may receive a letter of medical eligibility for your purchase from TrueMed, keep this for your record. 

Please reach out if you have any questions about using your HSA/FSA or would like additional information about the process.

After selecting TrueMed at payment, you will be directed to fill out a brief healthcare survey to determine eligibility. If pre-approved, you will be able to pay with HSA/FSA funds. All decisions are reviewed by a licensed provider to ensure purchase can prevent or reverse a specific condition. Providers are employed by a third-party service, TrueMed, and not associated with Hapbee.