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Hapbee Smart Wearable with 1 Year Membership

Hapbee Smart Wearable with 1 Year Membership

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Hapbee is a digital wellness platform that promotes improved sleep, focus, and relaxation. 

Use Hapbee’s patented technology to bio-stream compounds like caffeine & melatonin digitally - without you having to ingest them. No lingering side effects, no stomach discomfort.
Hapbee’s technology is proven safe and effective with years of clinical and consumer data.  Hapbee is being used by US active and retired military, professional athletes and wellness practitioners who want to sleep and focus better without taking drugs or supplements. 

Hapbees’ tiny magnetic songs naturally stimulate bio-receptors in cells to recreate the same sensations without the side effects. Fall asleep faster and stay asleep. Get the rest you need to feel better, maintain focus during the day and increase performance. Simply choose the blend you’d like to play, and Hapbee does the rest.

Over 25 blends are available to help imitate the natural magnetic effects of substances that people use every day to sleep, enhance their mood, get work done and relax. The best part is that as soon after you turn Hapbee off, your body simply stops feeling the blend. No lingering side effects. Nothing left in your body to metabolize or eliminate.
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    • Sleep

      Fall Asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake up refreshed

    • Performance

      Wake up, Increase your energy levels, improve your focus

    • Mood

      Reduce your stress, relax your body, increase joy