The Ultimate Biohacking Gift Guide: 12 Best Biohacking Devices to Give This Holiday Season

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Think about that person who’s ALWAYS the most difficult to shop for when the holidays come around. Maybe it’s your dad who seems like he has everything he could possibly want. Or perhaps it’s your friend who has a knack for finding the perfect gift for you and you’ve never quite been able to return the favor. Or maybe it’s your teenager who’s frankly just a little hard to read at the moment.

And let’s be honest—you might just be looking for an excuse to give yourself some cool new tech during the holidays. No matter who it is, you’ll be able to find something in this guide that will totally blow their mind when they unwrap it. Consider your holiday shopping list taken care of. with our biohacking device gift guide Check, check, check. 

12 Best Biohacking Devices and Products to Give This Holiday Season

1. TrueDark Glasses. These unique glasses are the perfect gift for someone who spends all day staring at a computer screen, someone who has trouble sleeping at night, or someone who spends way too much time scrolling through Instagram. The idea behind TrueDark glasses is to protect your eyes from intaking too much “junk light”—blue light that emits from laptops, phones, and even artificial light bulbs. This junk light is unhealthy for our bodies, affecting our sleep patterns, vision, weight, and immune system. TrueDark glasses are the solution to limiting light exposure. You’ll probably want to grab a pair or two for yourself as well.

Price: Twilights (for nighttime light exposure): $89 for adults, $49 for kids;
Daylights (for daytime light exposure): $69-$99 for adults, $49 for kids

2. Oura Ring. Who’s that person on your list who always wants the latest Biohacking Device technology? They’ll be stoked to receive an Oura Ring…and show off their killer new tech to everyone. This stylish ring tracks a variety of body signals to help you better understand your health based on your data. It is meant to be worn 24/7 so it can give you feedback on your body’s Readiness, Sleep, and Activity. Oura Ring gives users the data they need to accomplish their goals and shows them how to get more deep sleep.

Price: Heritage Ring: $299-$399

3. Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil. For everyone who’s interested in hacking your brain, this is a must-have. MCT oils have the ability to raise the blood level of ketones, which gives you a boost of energy and brainpower. Bulletproof has taken C8, the fastest and most effective MCT oil, and created Brain Octane Oil, which is flavorless and can be added to smoothies, salad dressings, and more. Brain Octane Oil can also jumpstart your metabolic rate to increase fat burning.

Price: 16 oz. bottle: $24.95; 32 oz. bottle: $48.95

4. DefenderShield’s EMF Protection + Radiation Blocker Pouch. I’m guessing most of the people you’re buying gifts for have cell phones—even your kids (don’t worry, we’ve all lost that battle). While conclusions as to the harmful effects of EMF exposure are still unclear, this is a developing field of research and will likely give us more information in the future. To keep your friends and relatives safe, consider buying them an EMF Protection + Radiation Blocker Pouch to store their phone in. This pouch blocks up to 100% of EMF without interfering with cell service or connectivity.

Price: Small Pouch (devices up to 3”): $29.99; Large Pouch (devices up to 4”): $34.99

5. chiliPAD Sleep System. Whether it’s for your partner who always turns down the thermostat so much you freeze at night or for your mom who complains about chronic insomnia, the chiliPAD Sleep System is a really cool gift. Science shows we sleep better when we’re cooler, and this sleep system does just that. One of the top-rated home sleep remedies, the chiliPAD Sleep System comes with a trademarked cooling mattress pad and hydropowered thermal regulating control unit, as well as a remote to easily control the temperature.

Price: Half Queen: $499; Half King: $599; Full Queen (2 units): $999; Full King (2 units): $1,199 Great Biohacking Device Gift

6. Alitura Skin Care. This all-natural skincare line is sure to be a hit with your friends and family. So many skincare companies aren’t transparent about the harmful ingredients they use, but that certainly isn’t the case with Alitura. Founder Andy Hnilo has found the very best natural ingredients to incorporate into his signature products. The many benefits of Alitura include anti-aging, brightened complexion, detoxification, blemish removal, hydration, and more. Don’t miss the chance to pamper someone on your list!

Price: Alitura Pearl Cleanser: $34; Alitura Clay Mask: $41; Alitura Ultimate
Skincare Package: $105; Alitura At-Home Facial Kit: $129 (and more)

7. Qualia Supplements. These one-of-a-kind health supplements make the perfect stocking stuffers or gift bundles. Created by Neurohacker Collective, Qualia supplements are designed to improve your cognition, longevity, energy, immunity, and sleep. Each Qualia supplement contains carefully researched ingredients combined to help you perform at your peak. Support the overall health of your loved ones—and throw in a few bottles for yourself as well.

Price: Qualia Night: $29; Qualia Nootropic Energy: $49; Qualia Discovery
Bundle: $119; Qualia Performance Bundle: $169 (and more)

8. TrueLight Energy Square. This is the kind of device that biohackers live for…but that doesn’t mean your grandma who has trouble with “newfangled technology” can’t benefit from it as well. TrueLight Energy Square uses LED light therapy (specifically dark red, red, yellow, and infrared light) to charge your cells and help heal your body from the surface of your skin down to the bone. This square has two different energy modes: Steady mode for pain alleviation and Pulsating mode for cellular healing. And in case you were wondering, TrueLight light therapy devices emit virtually no EMFs!

Price: $389

9. Zen Float Tank. One of the best meditation devices out there, the Zen Float Tank is a wonderful way to treat your partner, your parents, or yourself to all the benefits of sensory deprivation—in the comfort of your own home. Studies point to numerous advantages of float tanks, including reduced anxiety and stress, alleviation of chronic pain, enhanced creativity, increased well-being, clearer thinking, and more. By far the spendiest item in this gift guide, the Zen Float Tank is still a bargain compared to the majority of home float tank solutions.

Price: $5,249

10. HeartMath Inner Balance Trainer. This technology uses Heart Rate Variability to measure and display your heart rhythm, which shows how different emotional states affect your nervous system. The HeartMath Inner Balance Trainer guides you to self-generate a highly efficient physiological state called HRV coherence, which helps you attain clearer reasoning and higher emotional composure. Benefits include prevention and reduction of fatigue, exhaustion, sleep disruption, anxiety, and burnout. What could be better than the gift of stress reduction and inner balance?

Price: Bluetooth Sensor (Android/iPhone): $159; Wired Sensor (Apple Products
Only): $129

11. Tru Niagen. Do you have anyone between the ages of 40 and 60 on your list? That’s the time frame when the coenzyme NAD+ decreases in your body by as much as 50%. So what? Well, NAD+ is responsible for giving energy to your cells. Using an NAD+ supplement such as Tru Niagen promotes cellular defense, cellular energy, and cellular repair so you can maintain overall health as you age. It’s vital to take care of your cells because they are the foundation of your health.

Price: 30 Count: $47.00; 90 Count: $119.95

12. Hapbee


Imagine being able to give your loved ones the ability to sleep better, feel more relaxed, and focus more fully. Enter Hapbee, the technology that lets you choose how you feel. Hapbee is a wearable device that uses low-energy magnetic fields to mimic signals your brain already understands. If you can’t concentrate or can’t focus at work, use the Focus or Alert signal. If you’re looking for how to increase deep sleep, try the Sleepy signal. If you’re interested in biohacking stress, check out the Relax and Calm signals. If you want to boost your mood, use the classic Happy signal. Hapbee is the gift that will enhance your life.

Hapbee Smart Wearable 
Hapbee Smart Sleep Pad

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