“It Just Works”: 3 Psychologists Review Hapbee

“It Just Works”: 3 Psychologists Review Hapbee

Richard, Tatiana, and Don are all psychologists, but that’s not the only thing they have in common. They all use Hapbee in their daily lives, not just because of the incredible science backing the technology, but because of the tangible results Hapbee has had on each of their lives in a unique way.

Dr. Richard Shuster is recovering from a stroke he suffered a few months ago. He needed to find something that would lower his blood pressure and help him relax because his life depended on it. Enter Hapbee.

After using the Relax and Calm signals for a while, Richard asserts his blood pressure has stayed low and he’s been feeling great. His favorite signal, though, is Sleepy. “I’ve always got so much on my mind, so I put that on and it’s an unwind. I’ve never taken medications or pills to aid with sleep, but this is a nice way to decompress the mind and sleep,” Richard shares.

Richard talks about how he’s been burned by other tech in the past, which makes him that much more appreciative of Hapbee. “What impressed me about this technology is the people behind it, not only from a technical proficiency standpoint, but from a standpoint of entities that genuinely want to help make people’s lives better. Also, the technology is simple to use and it just works, which is unbelievable. I’ve really been surprised at how much I’ve been enjoying this. I’m excited to see what’s to come because I really enjoy the tech.” 
Tatiana has always had difficulty sleeping at night. With Hapbee, everything changed. “I used to use a lot of melatonin, and now I don’t use any at all. I just use the Sleepy signal,” she says. Her partner, Mason, even feels the effects of the signal while Tatiana uses it at night. He maintains it gives him a much better and deeper sleep.

Using the Relax signal makes Tatiana feel safe. She shares how it often initiates neurogenic tremors, which is a natural way of releasing trauma that’s stored inside of one’s cellular memory. This discharge of energy is similar to what happens when an animal is finally at rest after being chased. 

“I would recommend Hapbee to people who have difficulty with anxiety or other mood issues, especially during this period of great transition and disruption. This is a tool that will help calm your brain waves and your thinking so you can make clear and confident decisions, which will elevate your life,” Tatiana declares.
Dr. Don Wood, Founder of the Inspire Performance Institute, loves Hapbee because he values the science behind it. “It immediately made sense to me,” he says. “To understand how Hapbee works, you have to understand how the brain communicates. Think of the brain as a computer and the body as a printer. The computer is constantly connecting through messaging to the printer, the rest of the body, to send messages. Basically, the neurons communicate with each other in a vast network. What Hapbee is doing is creating a signal the brain recognizes.”

The first time he used Hapbee, Don felt the effect of the Alert signal within 60 seconds. Sometimes it takes a few plays, however. “The brain learns through repetition, procedural memory. Sometimes it may take the brain a few times before it recognizes what the signal is—and that’s natural. Some people may have a very quick effect, and some people may need to try it a few times to really get that effect. The brain has plasticity and learns through repetition. Once you start doing it, your brain will start to recognize that signal and instantly go back into it,” Don explains.

Don sees incredible potential in Hapbee. “It’s something very cutting-edge in the realm of neuroscience, and we’re excited to see how it can help some of the people we’re working with at the Inspire Performance Institute,” he says.

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