Just Feel It
Experience Life Without Side Effects

Easy to Use- Wear around your head or neck

Tried and Tested- Backed by decades of research

Guaranteed to Work- Or your money back

Feel Your Best- A Blend for every situation

Built by science, approved by skeptics.

Dr Don Wood explains how Hapbee signals are sent to the brain
The Problem
One more cup of coffee, one more cigarette, one more drink, one more melatonin...

It’s a lot for the body to handle! Hapbee has created unique blends that are silently played back to our bodies, helping us wake up, stay focused, relax, or go to sleep. Feel your best, without the side effects.

Our Blends
Like a song that only your body can hear

After years of cancer-related research, Hapbee was able to use groundbreaking technology to record the low frequency magnetic waves of our favorite consumables, giving us the feeling of something without doing the work of processing it. 

The Wearable
A discreet band you can wear all day or night

Use the app to pick your blend, and the rest is on us. Completely silent, with gentle vibrations to let you know when your sessions begin and end. Otherwise, the only way you know it’s there is to feel the subtle effects on your body and your mood.

The only way to believe it is to try it for yourself. That’s why we offer a money back guarantee.


My heart rate slowed on Relax, then I felt an immediate shift to the Alert signal. I didn't believe it at first, but now I do!

Stacey O'Farrell
Seattle, WA

Very Nice!

I wore it for 30 minutes and felt relaxed and chilled out.

Tim Barrett
Phoenix, AZ

I tried it on in a crowded, noisy environment and in minutes I started to notice a difference. I am completely impressed with this

Mike Koenigs
San Diego, CA

Hapbee at a glance

Use it anytime, anywhere

Hapbee’s Blends are designed to take effect in minutes, and wear off quickly after your session ends.

Enhance every day

Whether you’re sleeping, working, playing, or relaxing, Hapbee has a Blend to help you drop into the right vibe.

Safe and effective

Backed by decades of research, Hapbee’s onboarded users have reported 100% effectiveness with no reported side effects.

A blend for everything

With 19 Blends in our library and many more being released in the coming months, Hapbee can help you feel the right vibe, whatever the vibe is.

Feel it to believe it

Hapbee users have left incredible reviews about how our wearable is changing their lives. You simply have to try it to believe it.

...or your money back

We just know you’re going to love how you feel with Hapbee. If you don’t, full money back within 30 days - no questions asked.

Experience Life Without Side Effects

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