"A stroke of genius."

- Hapbee Customer

What real customers think.

Wonderful Experience

I had a wonderful experience using Hapbee for the first time.

It was an easy way to help me wind down at the end of a long day spent with my two young kids. After wearing Hapbee for only a few minutes a deep feeling of relaxation started to set in.

Its pretty incredible that this device could be so powerful and actually change the way I fell.

Jess G.

Pheonix, AZ

Signal: Happy

I was skeptical

Before I tried out the Hapbee I was skeptical for sure.I didn't think that there was any way that a little device could change the way that I felt and I was surprised.

I tried it out two times and both times I was blown away that I was able to change my feelings. I am super excited to get my own device and really excited to see what new feelings they come out with in the future.


Tim W.

Pheonix, AZ


Whatever you're doing, I'm in!

I'm experiencing the Relax Signal: and this is radical! Revolutionary.... I'm in.


Suzy Batiz

Founder, Poo Pourri


Well done!

I started out with Calm and it got me into a really sweet spot. But I like to run a little bit higher so I switched over to Alert...

Wow, well done guys!


Brooke Burke

Actress, Entrepreneur

Signal: Calm

It does what it says it is supposed to do.

A stroke of genius... you've actually built something that works, and it does what it says it is supposed to do.


Dave Asprey

Founder, Bulletproof Coffee

Tech skeptic that tried this 10 times and fell in love the more I did it.

I'm skeptical about any tech that claims to enhance mood or state. Most 'tech' claiming to 'optimize' or even change state in any way - other than placebo - do nothing, and can't do anything because they have no real science or innovative technology behind their product. Hapbee is different in that it does have some pretty incredible science behind the product, and because it actually works. The alert Signal: is like using a perfectly formulated nootropic that never fades. And the more you use it the better it works.


Chad Howse

Calgary, Alberta Canada

Signal: Alert

Big skeptic that felt the shift from Relax to Alert.

Heart rate slower on Relax, then I felt an immediate shift to the Alert signal- faster talking and more focussed. Didn't believe it at first at all. I do now.


Stacey O'Farrell

Seattle, WA

Signal: Alert/Sleepy


Happy was ok, but Calm was awesome!

Slight relaxation in head and felt good. But nothing felt less pain in body. Hard to tell. Said he felt more afterwards but not much


David Klinkhamer

Chandler, AZ



I did this in a float pod and it was nuts!

This is the perfect product to Relax and Mellow out. I tried this inside of a float pod and it was incredible.


Nick Janicki

Tempe, AZ

Relaxed and chilled me out. Very nice.

I wore it for 30 minutes and felt relaxed and chilled out.


Tim Barrett

Phoenix, AZ