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Happy Known as the "happy hour" signal, Happy is here to loosen you up.

It can make users feel less stressed, more giggly, and even a bit flushed. Happy is the social lubricant you need to enjoy time with friends and family, or unwind from a long workweek.  It goes great with a drink, watching the big game, or any social setting.  Cheers!

Calm Give your mind the much-needed break it deserves with Calm.

This signal is the definition of "chill," allowing users to mellow out and tone down unwanted stressors throughout their day.  Great after a long work day, watching a movie, playing video games, or any time you want a mental break.  Your brain will thank you.

Relax Let your body slowly melt away with Relax.

This signal relaxes the muscles and eases the tension in your body.  This is a dream for anyone who sits at a desk all day.  Great after a workout, while hiking, watching a movie, folding laundry, long flights, or before bed. Sit back and enjoy.

Alert Here comes the energy!

Alert was inspired by the jolt you get from an energy drink to help you feel more sharp, vigilant and aware. It mimics a cup of coffee, without the digestive issues. It's great for studying, running errands, before a big meeting, on a long road trip, and while playing music or sports.  Let us know how you like to use this signal!

Pick Me Up Pick Me Up is the right combination of focus and relaxation.

It's the perfect primer for any stressful situation, big presentation, interview, road trip, or tedious errands. Enjoy this signal anytime anywhere, like taking a "smoke-free break" without ingesting harmful chemicals or toxins into your body.  When do you need a break?

Sleepy Inspired by sleep aids, the Sleepy signal helps you wind down at the end of a long day.

Let the smooth, mellow vibes wash over you as you begin to yawn and your eyes get heavier. Great to play 30 minutes before bed, during bedtime routines, on a long flight, or in the middle of a restless night.  Ease into sleep.