Jess G.

Phoenix, AZ

Wonderful Experience

I had a wonderful experience using Hapbee for the first time.

It was an easy way to help me wind down at the end of a long day spent with my two young kids.

After wearing Hapbee for only a few minutes a deep feeling of relaxation started to set in.

Its pretty incredible that this product could be so powerful and actually change the way I fell.

10:00 AM 6/25
Chad Howse

Calgary, Alberta Canada

Tech skeptic that tried this 10 times and fell in love the more I did it.

I'm skeptical about any tech that claims to enhance mood or state. Most 'tech' claiming to 'optimize' or even change state in any way - other than placebo - do nothing, and can't do anything because they have no real science or innovative technology behind their product. Hapbee is different in that it does have some pretty incredible science behind the product, and because it actually works. The alert Signal: is like using a perfectly formulated nootropic that never fades. And the more you use it the better it works.

9:00 AM 6/15
Stacey O'Farrell

Seattle, WA

Big skeptic that felt the shift from Relax to Alert.

Heartrate slower on Relax, then I felt an immediate shift to the Alert signal- faster talking and more focussed. Didn't believe it at first at all. I do now.

Suzy Batiz

Founder, Poo Pourri

Whatever you're doing, I'm in!

I'm experiencing the Relax Signal: and this is radical! Revolutionary....

I'm in.

1:00 PM 5/13
Nick Janicki

Tempe, AZ

I did this in a floatpod and it was nuts!

This is the perfect product to Relax and Mellow out. I tried this inside of a float pod and it was incredible.

Tim W.

Phoenix, AZ

I was skeptical

Before I tried out the Hapbee I was skeptical for sure.

I didn't think that there was any way that a little wearable could change the way that I felt and I was surprised.

I tried it out two times and both times I was blown away that I was able to change my feelings.

I am super excited to get my own product and really excited to see what new feelings they come out with in the future.

Dave Asprey

Founder, Bulletproof Coffee

It does what it says it is supposed to do.

A stroke of genius... you've actually built something that works, and it does what it says it is supposed to do.

Jonathan Keiser

Scottsdale, AZ

This thing is awesome!

The Hapbee product is amazing. I tried Calm and totally got a nice buzz from it. Wow.

Mike Koenigs

San Diego, CA

Felt relaxed in a crowded area.

I tried it on in a crowded, noisy environment and in minutes I started to notice a difference. I am completely impressed with this.

Nadim Kassam

Vancouver, BC

I'm feeling more calm by the moment. And I love the design.

Im feeling calmer by the moment. Really, this is fabulous. This is a beautiful idea. I'm loving the design. Thank you guys for your work.

10:00 AM 6/17
Matt Stang

Marina Del Rey, CA

It feels like a soft warm blanket wrapped around my head.

This is a very nice microdose feeling. It feels like a soft warm blanket wrapped around my head. Wow.

Michael Chiasson

Calgary, Alberta Canada

One of the best products I have found in my line of work

In my line of work I am always looking to find ways to help others make their greatest contribution. This is by far one of the best products I have found. I believe this will be a game changing solution for people to experience life on another level.

10:00 AM 6/25
Ryan Johnson

Vancouver, BC Canada

This is perfect for parties with guests.

I loved it. I actually zoned out halfway through the meeting and chilled out. I don't drink, but I'd love to use the Happy Signal with friends over for a party.

7:00 PM 7/16
Clark Donnell

Oak Harbor, WA

Amazed and would recommend

Felt all the signals within 15 minutes.

Russ Palmer

Mesa, AZ

Skeptic who has never had one drink, but this is really interesting.

I’m sitting here with the happy signal on and yes I am feeling happy. I was super skeptical about what was going on, but it’s amazing what's going on here. Pretty interesting!

Nate Lambert


This feels pretty good!

I've never drunken alcohol in my life, but I definitely like the feeling this thing is giving me. It’s pretty nice. This feels pretty good!

Lee Richter

Oakland, CA

Loving it and you should too!

Wow...Hapbee sleep cycle is really improving my deep sleep! I'm using alert now instead of coffee. Loving it!

Ellie Anora


This Signal: makes me want to dance.

I’m feeling really happy. It actually makes me want to dance, and I'm not going to feel bad tomorrow after a long night of partying with this.

Ivy Levan


Feels gooooood!

I'm feeling gooood. This is awesome! Very content, very happy. Can't wait for the next one.

5:00 PM 4/29
Michael Corradini

Redford, MI

Feels like 2 drinks...

I'm trying Happy, and it feels like 2 drinks. I'm relaxed and enjoying it!

1:00 PM 5/13
Joe Polish

Phoenix, AZ

Excited to use this for recovery

I I get introduced to all kinds of things that people use for trauma or recovery, and what I'm most excited about Hapbee is the application for people with depression, cravings and addiction, finding a healthy way to lead them out of suffering. The reports I am seeing and the people responding to this are amazing, so I'd love to see how this is helping addicts overcome or make progress in the area of recovery.

1:00 PM 6/7
An Cayas


I want to try the rest now.

Felt subtle good feelings, less stress and happier. Nothing crazy. Wanted to try all of them more.

Jon Braddock

Scottsdale, AZ

I'm an ADD Entrepreneur who was hooked within 5 minutes of playing the signal.

As an ADD entrepreneur my mind is always bouncing from one thing to another. It’s hard to just chill, focus and stay on task. So when Scott said, “Here Jon, just put this on, try to not be skeptical and just sit back”, I thought I might as well give it a shot. Truly thinking, “yeah right” probably won’t do a thing. WOW! Within 5 minutes I could feel the tension leaving my body. After 15 minutes I was focused, my mind was not wandering and I was trying to figure out how not to give this thing back to him! This technology is amazing and apparently can do so much more than what I experienced. I’m excited to get my own. Thanks.

5:00 PM 4/23
Kyle De Jong

Vancouver, BC

A bit delayed response, but now I feel it every time.

The calm Signal: is my favourite - an awesome way to relax after a stressful day.

Don Woods

Orlando, FL

I had an instant result from it.

Instantly within about I minute I was actually starting to feel the effects and that really sold me on it. That it was that quick! I get how it works and understand how it works and this is really cutting-edge technology, the same as we are doing. I am excited about it and think it has a tremendous future.

Mark Timm

Bainbridge, IN

Had a blast with my hapbee this weekend

Had a blast with my Hapbee this weekend! Thank you for checking in. Many people used it and had a good experience.

2:00 PM 4/16
Sharla Singh

Gilbert, AZ

Really bad back issues and skeptical - Hapbee helped it feel much better.

I have really bad back issues and about 16-minutes into the Relax signal, I began to feel much looser and my back didn't pop like normal. Its been 20 minutes after playing it, I still feel great.

7:00 PM 4/16
Jean Klinkhamer

Chandler, AZ

Started small at first and built over time. Very nice!

At first, I felt a slight relaxation in my head and shoulders and hard to tell. After I tried it a few times, I started to recognize and enjoy it more and more. I'm using Focus right now, and it is keeping me focused. Excited for where this technology is going to go.

7:30 PM 4/16
Mindy Klinkhamer

Chandler, AZ

Big skeptic, but after 2 tries something happened.

I was a biology major and never heard anything about this technology, so I have been extremely skeptical for a year since I heard about it. But I had several friends and family members try it out and had a good experience. The first time I tried it, it didn't do much of anything. Dud. But then after a few tries I put a heartrate monitor on and it actually went way down on Relax and Sleepy. It started to actually work. My goal is for this to help me sleep better at night. Really revolutionary stuff.

12:00 PM 5/11
Laura Mackay

Phoenix, AZ

Helped her hands feel better, "tingly and more mobility in hands and body.

Felt relaxed and much better (skin disease that is quite painful for her hands).

1:00 PM 5/13
Kelly J

Scottsdale, AZ

I felt relaxed

Never tried it before, but my body felt relaxed.

8:00 PM 7/14
Joyce Beeksma

Oak Harbor, WA

Great results for me (86-years-old) dealing with the effects of aging.

The effects of aging are really getting to me. But with Hapbee, I felt much more relaxed and my body was more loose using the product. I also slept better than I have in many years.

10:00 AM 7/17
Michelle Bessler

Chelan, WA

Great for my neck and back!

Hapbee helped me feel much more relaxed and tingly throughout my body. It was subtle and nice sensation and something I could easily do for hours at a time and enjoy.

2:00 PM 8/18
Brian Mackay

Phoenix, AZ

I was buzzing. Wow this thing feels great.

Felt relaxed and comfortable throughout my body. My wife enjoyed it too!

10:00 AM 8/18
Michael Bennett

Phoenix, AZ

Happy user for sure!

Every time I do it I feel a relaxed, tingly sensation and it feels great! My neck and lower back are often sore and I love playing the Relax Signal: to feel way better. This is a nightly routine. I also love giving it to family and friends when they come over for dinner or a campfire. Really fun to talk about the tech.

10:00 AM 9/24
Amy Donnell

Phoenix, AZ

Helped me relax while working at the computer.

Hapbee helped my neck and back feel more relaxed as I sat at the computer to do work. Neck felt more loose, slight relaxation of muscles, but not a ton. I certainly want to try more of them.

10/24 + 2/19
Anna David

Tempe, AZ

Totally approved by my program

I am sober for 19 years and cannot put a chemical in my body, anything that will affect me from the neck up. In 19 years I haven't been about to have this feeling where I was just relaxed. It was the most amazing feeling anything has given me in the last 20 years. It is totally approved by my program, you have to try this.

Lisa Cini

Columbus, OH

Looking for the best out there that can help you live your best life

This is going to be amazing for anyone that is aging! This is going to help them relax better depending on what Signal they want.

Colin H

Canton, OH

There was no way this would affect me, until I was 20 minutes into the Relax signal.

I put on a Hapbee product for the first time, and I have to admit I was super skeptical. I thought there was no way this was going to change my feelings. 20 minutes later, I felt like I was on muscle relaxants. My hands and body were starting to tingle. Definitely give it 2 thumbs up, 3 if I could.

Tom Dabourian


Definitely had me skeptical at first

I have tried a couple of the signals and the ones I felt the most are relax, sleepy and alert. I felt them 10/10 and it definitely works.

Murray Gray

Topanga, CA

I am the ultimate skeptic. So when I heard about Hapbee...

I am the ultimate skeptic. So when I heard about Hapbee, I'll admit that I thought the idea sounded crazy. Small magnetic fields to change how you feel? "I'll be the judge of that", I thought to myself. I was so ready to be proven right that I was first in line to try it out. I put it on my head, chose the chillout track, and then completely forgot about it to be honest. And in the middle of a conversation, I suddenly felt it. Mild at first, increasing gradually in intensity. Wave after wave of gentle, comforting sensation rolled through my chest. I honestly didn't understand what was going on until I remembered that I was still wearing the product. That was when I knew this was real, and that this was going to change the world. And it already is. If you're a natural-born skeptic like I was, give it a try before writing it off. You'll be surprised.

9:00 PM 4/18
Michael Carlson

Tinton Falls, NJ

Sleepy worked like a charm.

Felt tired, heavy head and shoulders. Reported extremely vivid dreams the next day- most in years.

Paul Okenfold


I feel sleepy.

I feel sleepy on this signal (Sleepy) and now I want Alert. Let's try it, baby!

12:00 PM 6/7
Zanetta Burger

Los Angeles, CA

Tried Sleepy and Alert and they were great

I met some of the Hapbee members at a coffee shop and tried it out. I felt Sleepy right away and then right back up and excited with Alert. It was mind-blowing to have this power at the touch of a button.

10:00 AM 6/17
Martin Tobias

Venice, CA

Sleepy to Alert in minutes.

My heartrate dropped 12 beats a minute in the first 10 minutes of using the Sleepy signal, and I felt slow and tired. Then Alert picked me right back up in just a few minutes. Crazy!

1:00 PM 6/7
Kayla Lane

Venice, CA


Had heart rate monitor tracker and beats went down 15 per minute on melatonin. Then back up with caffeine.

Lindsay Hoover

Carmel Valley, CA

Best night of sleep I've ever had!

Already a fan (after Happy signal), thank you! And after the good night's sleep I had last night... I know you want this thing back after my test, but no.

Tyler Zackariah


I'm a huge skeptic of any product claiming to change my mood... until I brought out a heart rate monitor.

I was skeptical of any product actually being able to change my mood. I tried the hapbee at my office with two other coworkers in the room, so I became even more skeptical in its ability to do anything given all the distractions around me. I first tried the Sleepy setting, and much to my surprise after about 5 minutes I yawned and was genuinely feeling more sleepy than before. Then I switched to the setting that hypes you up (I think it was simulating Focus), and sure enough I perked up a bit. To prove something was happening in my body, I have a very high tech heart rate tracker, and was monitoring it the whole time. Sure enough when I did the Sleepy cycle my heart rate slowed down, and when I did the Focus cycle, my heart rate sped up. Pretty incredible. I am looking forward to more time with Hapbee in the future, and am no longer a skeptic!

Ray Edwards


I am just happy

I have been enjoying the happy Signal: and I am very happy. I have a feeling that there will be no ill effects. Just get one and be happy.

Mike Tust


Serenity on demand..

I have to say after only using hapbee for a couple days my favorite Signal: so far has been calm. It's like serenity on demand and it's just such a pleasing feeling. I've already seen such good results. I just want to say thank you so much this has been such a great tool for stress.

Tatiana Maria


Making an impact.

Why do we use Hapbee? It really makes an impact. Relax mode brings me into such a deep state. We are excited to see how this positively impacts our state of mind and well-being.

John Bame


Nap taking Galore

Best nap I can remember taking. Ordered one for my son-in-law too, thanks!

Darin Cook


4 nights and going strong

Last night makes 4 nights in a row of incredible sleep. WOW. Such a difference maker!

Mark Garrett


Results you are looking for!

I wanted to share with you that I could not sleep last night and turned on the sleep signal. Fell asleep with it on. Started the day as usual. Great results.

Mike Bohnet


What a POSITIVE experience!

Well everyone is making fun of me in zoom meetings but I don't care. I love it! I get a lot of work done with the focus and I find that the relax mode has replaced my evening whiskey. Very much a net positive to my life!



Whatcha got to lose?

The price was right. The money back guarantee closed the deal for me! What do you have to lose? But everything to gain.

Kim Johnson


Crappy Mood flipped around!!

I've been using mine for a couple days now and I am very impressed with the happy signal. I was having a really bad day yesterday as I just found out my third vacation for 2020 got canceled due to hurricane damage at the beach here in North Carolina and I had fallen and sprained my wrist Saturday so I was in a crappy mood. I decided to test out the product and put it on the happy Signal: and after two hours I have to say I was in a much better mood!

Julie Dale


Wasn't expecting that.

Wow. Thanks. I wasn't expecting it so soon. It looks so much more professional. So far sleepy is my favorite.

Jordan Doctor


Great job!

I'm looking forward to using it more.

Michael Bauman


You heard right...pep in my step!

Felt a little pep in my step yesterday and again this morning. The yawns started immediately after the sleep session ended last night. Digging it so far!

Zachary Tim


Energy drinks no more!

I use to use energy drinks and now I use Hapbee.

Max Fischler

Carmichael, CA

Helped the Whole Family!

We've had family over for dinner and they all loved it! Took my aunt's neck and shoulder tension away!

Dr Gabriel Woodruff


Keep Going!

I'm very impressed by the package design and overall presentation. The product feels and looks high end. Great job. Keep going!



As promised.

Got the new product- button works wayyyyy better! Thanks! This button fix makes a world of difference.

Tom Dale


Thanks Hapbee!

I have tried all the signals. My favorite is alert. Big coffee drinker, no need with the Hapbee. I can go and stay focused!

Marc Nelson


Knee and Back pain help

The relax is very good for my knee and back pain. It works great, I'm very happy with it!