Michael Roviello Seeks Flow State with Hapbee

Michael Roviello Seeks Flow State with Hapbee

Michael Roviello is on a lifelong journey towards total wellness. After serving in the Navy as a helicopter rescue swimmer, combat search and rescue crewman, and anti-submarine warfare operator, Michael found himself battling with cervical spine issues, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and chronic pain.

He started exploring traditional and alternative healing methods, which eventually led him to become a Wim Hof certified instructor. He co-founded Optimyze: Mind Body Breath, a total human optimization center located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Optimyze aims to help people attain total wellness through the use of hydrotherapy, cold water therapy, infrared sauna, compression, red light therapy, InBody scanner, NuCalm, supplements, and more.

Hapbee neural headset fits perfectly within Optimyze’s inspiring vision, which is why Optimyze has partnered with Hapbee to get our signature wearable wellness product into the hands of its members.

Michael’s favorite Hapbee signals are Sleepy, Alert, and Focus. He says, “I use Sleepy to help me settle down before I get into bed, Focus to help me concentrate when I’m working and doing creative projects, and Alert to see if it can help me get into flow state as I play my African djembe.”

Check out Michael’s djembe beats (accompanied by Alert, of course) in the video at the top.

What’s your “thing”? Use Hapbee to get into flow state.

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