How to Become Creative When You’re Not Artistic By Nature

How to Become Creative When You’re Not Artistic By Nature

12 ways to build creativity in your daily life

It might sound hard to believe, but every single job involves creativity. Software developers, CEOs, engineers, and administrative assistants all use creativity to get the job done. Without this important element, our jobs might as well be taken by robots.

Here’s the question: how do you become more creative when you don’t have an artistic bone in your body? For those of us who aren’t naturally inclined to be creative, it can seem overwhelming to have a creative project come our way. Many people find themselves thinking, “I can’t focus. I can’t do this.” How can you focus on something you don’t feel capable of doing?

Hope is not lost. Even if you aren’t artistic by nature, you can use these tips to build your creativity. This will help pave the way for you to become more creative, focused, and in the flow.

1. Live curiously

Everyone has something they’re curious about. What’s your thing? Give yourself space to dive into the rabbit holes you typically avoid. The more you develop your curiosity, the more creative you’ll become.

Are you struggling to think of something you’re curious about? Reflect on which classes you loved in school, which hobbies you’re drawn to, and what kind of news usually catches your attention. I’m guessing you’ll be able to find more than a few topics you’ll want to delve into. As you feed it, your curiosity will continue to grow.

2. Brainstorm regularly

You might think that creativity happens suddenly and without preparation…the clouds open and the perfect idea just comes to you. But that rarely happens. Instead, creativity comes when you put in the effort to uncover a brilliant idea.

One of the most useful tools for building creativity is a classic brainstorming session. Whether it’s alone or with others, brainstorming gives you the opportunity to jot down ideas until you come up with a winner. Most of the time, when I’m stuck and can’t find a worthy topic idea for my next article, a 30-minute brainstorming session will do the trick–and leave me with some ideas for future articles as well.

3. Take breaks

Let’s face it, you’re going to hit the wall at times. We all do. Make sure you take plenty of breaks during your workday. Sometimes all it takes is a 15-minute break to loosen up your mind and get in the creative flow you’ve been looking for.

Did you know that your brain actually continues ruminating on your project even while you’re taking a break? That’s why good ideas so often come when you’re not at your desk. A little breathing room works wonders when it comes to creativity.

4. Follow deadlines

Structure kills creativity…doesn’t it? On the contrary, giving yourself deadlines enables you to concentrate on being creative and staying on task. After all, you probably eventually need something to show for all of your hard work.

If you’re in a position where you have deadlines, use them to your advantage. Otherwise, make deadlines for yourself and stick to them. You’ll be much more productive and creative once you’ve clearly defined what you’re working toward.

5. Laugh a little

This might sound too good to be true, but laughing can actually make you more creative. Studies show a powerful correlation between creativity and laughter. This is because laughing improves your mood, which frees your mind to think more creatively.

How can you add laughter into your daily schedule? Watch some funny videos during your break, or spend some time with that one coworker who always has a hilarious story to share. Get to know your sense of humor–and use it to build your creativity.

6. Set your phone aside

As soon as your break is finished, put your phone out of reach. There’s nothing that steals your concentration more than the constant notifications–and the allure of scrolling through TikTok one more time. To make it easier on yourself, keep your phone in a drawer while you work.

If your creative project is tied to your phone, go to your settings and disable all notifications while you’re working. You won’t believe how much more focused you’ll be without all of the distractions. 

7. Travel

Here’s the perfect excuse for you to splurge on international travel. Immersing yourself in a different culture actually builds your creativity. Every new experience you have gives your brain the chance to think in new ways.

Where do you want to explore? As you plan a trip, consider how you can engage with the local culture throughout your adventure. Taste the food, listen to people’s stories, and contemplate what makes their way of life so unique. You’ll come back with a new perspective that’s bound to have a powerful impact on your creativity.

8. Write every day

Whether or not writing is your thing, making the effort to write every day gets your creative juices flowing like nothing else does. Even if you HATE writing, you could benefit from this daily practice.

Set aside 10 minutes in the morning before work to do a free write. Find a prompt online and dive in. It’s best if you can use a physical pen and paper to write out your ideas rather than your laptop. Stick with it for a few weeks (even if you don’t feel like it) and see if it’s made a difference in your creativity.

9. Pursue your interests

Maybe you don’t paint, draw, or write music, but you do have a hobby you love. Whether it’s rock climbing, fishing, watching sports, or doing embroidery, your hobby releases creative energy.

Perhaps you’ve grown too busy to spend as much time on your hobbies…or maybe you’ve never found one that’s appealing to you. Give yourself space to discover a meaningful hobby and then allow yourself the time and money necessary to pursue it. Connect with others who have similar interests and learn from them. This will make you much more creative than forcing yourself to do something you have no interest in.

10. Listen to music

According to research, music has the ability to boost your creativity and productivity. Not all music helps you concentrate, though. Lots of people find that calming music without lyrics is key to staying focused and creating their best work.

If you make a habit of listening to music while you work, it can become a flow state trigger that signals to your mind that it’s time to get in the creative flow. Using headphones can reduce the distractions around you as well. 

11. Stay positive

If you tend to roll your eyes at optimists and call them naive, this one’s for you. The power of positive thinking is that it motivates you to work creatively. Without positivity, you probably won’t have the passion necessary to succeed in your creative endeavors.

Finding it hard to stay positive? Surround yourself with positive people. It may sound cheesy, but allowing some of their enthusiasm to rub off on you will ultimately improve your state of mind. Creativity blossoms when you believe that anything is possible.

12. Wear Hapbee

Aspiring creatives can benefit from using Hapbee to get in the creative flow. This wearable allows you to choose how you feel with the touch of a button. Most Hapbee users rely on the Focus and Alert signals to boost their creativity and productivity. Michael says, “I use Focus to help me concentrate when I’m working and doing creative projects, and Alert to see if it can help me get into flow state as I play my African djembe.”

With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Order Hapbee today and watch your creativity soar.

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