Why Military Vets Love Hapbee Brain Wearables

Why Military Vets Love Hapbee Brain Wearables

Those who have answered the call to duty and have served in the military have made a great sacrifice for our country…and they’ve often come away from their time in service with health challenges, both physical and mental. Our military heroes deserve to be honored and cared for.

At Hapbee, we truly value military Vets and want to say a huge thank you for their service. We also believe deeply in the importance of mental well-being and holistic health.

Military Veterans from the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard are all benefiting from using their Hapbee brain wearables to choose how they feel.

Ken Rowin spent 20 years in the Air Force and retired with a back injury. He tried working for a few years after he retired, but his back got worse. He finally had lower back surgery about 12 years ago. He also has torn rotator cuffs in both shoulders. The doctor gives him pain pills, but he only takes them as a last resort.

“I’ve used Hapbee for the last two months,” Ken says. “I use it mostly to go to sleep, and I use Relax as well. There’s a lot of stress that I put up with. Relax helps me release that stress—and things ache less.”

For many Veterans like Ken, aches and pains are part of everyday life. Others experience stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, and other very real health challenges. It can be really tough to find enough energy to get through the day when life is filled with these difficulties.

Ken shares, “I use Alert when I’m working at the desk and I’m feeling really tired. In the afternoon my energy drains away and Alert helps out. I’m looking forward to using more of it. So far, I’m quite pleased.”

To find out how Hapbee neural headset benefits first responders, go here.

Are you a military Veteran like Ken? We would love to hear your Hapbee story. Please email support@hapbee.com with your reviews.

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