Real World Results of Hapbee Brain Headband: “Nothing Else Comes Close”

Real World Results of Hapbee Brain Headband: “Nothing Else Comes Close”
Hapbee CEO Scott Donnell is outgoing and brimming with optimism. If you’d ever met him, you would know this. But when it comes to Hapbee, Scott doesn’t have to be optimistic. He’s seen tangible results—results that have changed lives.
In an exclusive interview with LaunchPad Partners, Scott says, “Hapbee is by far the best technology I’ve seen to help people feel better throughout the day, reduce stress, and control their emotions. Nothing else comes close to allowing someone to feel more alert or relaxed or focused or buzzed or sleepy—at the touch of a button.”

Scott reveals the touching story behind Hapbee. When he gave it to his 86-year-old grandma to try for the first time, she was amazed at how much the Relax signal relieved her aches and tension. The next day, his grandpa wrote him a check for $100,000 and said he wanted to see the world experience this incredible technology and the joy he felt when he saw his wife dancing around the house. 

When asked what he’d like to share with people to help their understanding of the wearable tech scene, Scott shares, “I think that the pace of innovation is faster than many people realize. This industry has grown exponentially even since we began our company, and we are learning and adapting new technologies into our product all the time.”

Acknowledging the huge success Hapbee has had so far, Scott is still dreaming big for the future. He imagines a day when Hapbee can track markers through your body and send you the perfect signal you need to feel balanced in that specific moment.

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Disclaimer: Everyone is unique, and these results are not an assurance that Hapbee will have the same effects on you. Your experience may differ based on individual and environmental factors, which is why we back Hapbee with a 30-day Happiness Guarantee.

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