Investor Shares the Wealth of How to Focus Better with Hapbee

Investor Shares the Wealth of How to Focus Better with Hapbee

Imagine receiving a gift that will give you peaceful sleep, help when you can’t focus at work, and clear brain fog—all with the touch of a button.

That’s exactly what happened for the investors, key stakeholders, and employees of Satori Capital, an investment firm based in Dallas, Texas. They each received a Hapbee neural headset from Satori Capital’s co-founder and managing partner, Randy Eisenman.

Eisenman loved his Hapbee device so much that he immediately purchased 300 to give out at the firm. He says, “I start each morning with Alert, and then typically while I’m working I have it on Focus.”

Hapbee isn’t just for your waking hours, however. It’s a great all-in-one that works with your body on how to get energized, how to focus better, how to increase deep sleep, and more. Eisenman adds, “For the last couple weeks, I’ve been sleeping with my Hapbee under my pillow. I have an Oura Ring too to track my sleep, and both my REM and deep sleep have increased materially over the last week and a half.”

As a world-class investor, Eisenman naturally sees Hapbee from an investment mindset. “Given my investment background, I often make decisions through the lens of risk and reward. Your risk is pretty minimal, a few hundred bucks, and your reward is potentially huge. So if you’re open to greater energy, greater focus, and deeper sleep, you might want to consider it.”

You heard it straight from one of the nation’s top investors. Factoring in the risk and reward of Hapbee, it would be illogical not to make this safe investment. What have you got to lose?

Satori Capital’s purpose is “to create, fund, and inspire businesses that elevate humanity.” That’s why Hapbee brainwave headband is the perfect gift for its investors—and for anyone in your life whom you consider to be an investor in what elevates humanity.

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