How Hapbee Helps Me

How Hapbee Helps Me

Hapbee Brainwave Headset Users Remark on the Product’s Diverse Benefits

Something for Everyone

When we created Hapbee, we knew it had potential. It turns out Hapbee has even more applications and more value than we dreamed it could have. We love hearing how our users benefit from Hapbee in a variety of unexpected ways.

We’ve watched people discover new use cases that we never imagined. For example, one of our early supporters had the idea of putting the Hapbee brainwave headband underneath his pillow at night. That eliminated the need to wear Hapbee in bed…and now sleeping with Hapbee beneath your pillow has become the norm for most Hapbee users.

Our six original signals have limitless possibilities for application to your daily life. Alert makes you feel invigorated and ready to tackle your day. Focus gives you mental clarity, creativity, and confidence. Happy gets you loosened up and ready to enjoy fun times with your friends and family. Calm lets you chill out when you’re feeling mentally stressed. Relax helps you relieve physical tension and soreness. Sleepy provides you with deep, rejuvenating sleep.

You might fall in love with all six signals…or you might find yourself gravitating towards two or three that you use on a daily basis. It all depends on your stage of life and your current needs.

A stressed-out CEO and mother of 3 would probably benefit from Alert and Focus during the workday and Calm to stop her mind from racing in the evening. When she retires, she might prefer to use Relax throughout the day to make her body feel at ease and Sleepy at night to get the restorative sleep she needs.

It’s up to you to choose how you want to feel.

Take a look at what Hapbee brainwave headset users are utilizing Hapbee for. 

Overcoming Bad Habits

Retired Navy Officer Harold Bonacquis got interested in Hapbee because he has a biohacking background and he’s interested in tech that provides psychological assistance.

Harold says, “The two main things I use Hapbee for are being able to focus during the day and relax later in the night. Rather than having two or three drinks, I’ll have one drink.”

Marc Nelson recommends Hapbee for anyone who smokes. He shares, “This would be very beneficial for my smoking friends who are trying to quit or who are using nicotine gum; Hapbee would help them quit.”

Marc adds, “ I would also recommend this to my son. If he wears it and uses Happy, he’ll probably drink a few less beers. I like that idea.”

Click here to find out if Hapbee helps with addiction recovery.

Relief from Tension

Marc struggles with physical tension, and he’s at last been able to find a drug-free aid. 

He shares, “Relax is very good for my knee pain and back pain, and I’m starting to wear it quite a bit for that purpose. It works great. I’m very happy with it.”

Kevin Rowin, Air Force Veteran, also uses Relax to ease soreness. Read his Hapbee review here

Meditation and Stress Alleviation

Nick Seferlis is a go-getter. As soon as he heard about Hapbee, he had to try it for himself.

“When I first saw this tech, I told myself, ‘If this is the way to access this frequency, this emotion, through magnetic fields, I want to be in on it early in the game.’”

Nick uses Hapbee to enhance his daily meditation. “When I’m on my Happy signal, my chest seems to open up and it feels a lot lighter and more airy.”

He continues, “What I see is people have a lot of difficulties with habits, addictions, anxiety, things like that. If there’s a tool out there that can help them, I want to be part of it.” 

Concentration and Productivity

Monsour Hamade is a French biohacker who wears his Hapbee brainwave headband almost 24/7.

He loves using Focus while at work. He thinks it gives him an unfair advantage over his co-workers because he’s completely able to focus for the entire duration of two- or three-hour virtual meetings.

Nick’s productivity increases while using Hapbee as well. He shares, “When I have Focus on, it keeps me more concentrated and focused on where I need to go.”

Michael Roviello uses Hapbee to reach flow state. Find his review here.

Deep Sleep

Monsour is amazed at how his sleep has improved because of Hapbee. He says his sleep score has increased from 80 to 94 since using Hapbee.

Satori Capital Co-founder Randy Eisenman has noticed a difference in his sleep too. He says, “Both my REM and deep sleep have increased materially since I started using Hapbee.” Check out the rest of his Hapbee review here.

Still skeptical? Try out Hapbee for yourself with our 30-day money-back guarantee. Harold says, “As long as the money-back guarantee is out there, what do you have to lose? And you’ve got a lot to gain. So it’s a no-lose situation.”

Disclaimer: Everyone is unique, and these results are not an assurance that Hapbee will have the same effects on you. Your experience may differ based on individual and environmental factors, which is why we back Hapbee with a 30-day Happiness Guarantee.

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