Hear the Incredible Origin Story Behind Hapbee Brain Headband

If you’re anything like me, it’s way easier to find time to listen to a handful of podcasts than to read a bunch of articles. You can be driving, running, cleaning, resting—podcasts are perfect for multitasking. Make sure these are on your playlist:
Get Yourself Optimized Episode #236: Hack Your Emotions Using Wearable Tech with Scott Donnell 

Host Stephan Spencer interviews Scott about how Hapbee is the future of wearable tech. Scott talks about how he utilizes Hapbee on a daily basis and how he convinces skeptics.

Successfully Funded Podcast Episode #172: Hapbee

Shawn Neal talks with Hapbee CEO Scott Donnell about how he raised enough funding for Hapbee. Scott discusses Hapbee’s Indiegogo campaign, marketing strategies, and how to deal with the trolls.

Stellar Life Podcast Episode #209: Hacking Your Happiness with Scott Donnell

Orion chats with Scott about how Hapbee helps you hack your emotions. Scott shares the research behind Hapbee, the people who have influenced him, and the relationship between Hapbee and spirituality.

The Rusty Ryal Show Episode #25: Hack Your Emotions: The Future of Feel Good

Rusty Ryal gets his mind blown by Hapbee’s incredible technology. Scott shares all about the history and the future of Hapbee.

Grab your headphones and learn more about Hapbee!

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