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Hapbee vs. NeoRhythm PEMF

You’re in the market for a device that improves your sleep, concentration, and relaxation. Perhaps you haven’t been getting enough deep sleep at night–or you’ve been struggling with brain fog during the day. Hapbee and NeoRhythm both promise to fix these problems, but which device does it better? Which product is worth the money?

Let’s compare Hapbee vs. NeoRhythm and see what each product has to offer.

NeoRhythm vs. Hapbee: An Overview

On the surface, these devices seem very similar…and they do share many things in common. But they function in very different ways.


NeoRhythm is a frequency-emitting pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) device that is designed to make you feel relaxed, sleepy, or concentrated. It offers 7 options: Theta Meditation, Improve Sleep, Pain Control, Improve Focus, Meditation for Calming, Deep Relaxation, and Energy & Vitality.


Hapbee is a wearable device that uses ultra-low frequency energy (ulRFE) to deliver signals that imitate emotional effects. It has 6 signals: Happy, Sleepy, Alert, Focus, Calm, and Relax. Hapbee is currently working on several new signals related to performance, memory, and diet, among others. 

Both Hapbee and NeoRhythm utilize magnetic coils which are placed inside a comfortable headband that can be worn in different ways. They both have a companion app that allows you to easily select your signal.

NeoRhythm vs. Hapbee: The Science

As you’re diving into this innovative tech space, you’re probably curious about the science that backs these devices. And if you’re not a neurologist, it can get a little confusing. After all, most of us don’t spend our spare time reading the latest research on electromagnetic waves and PEMF technology.

How Does NeoRhythm Work?

NeoRhythm relies on the technology of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS). It emits corresponding dominant and accompanying frequencies to the different brainwave frequencies (alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and theta), which the brain synchronizes in a process called brainwave entrainment.

NeoRhythm uses medium-intensity magnetic fields with a maximum magnetic flux density of 20,000-25,000 milliGauss. 

How Does Hapbee Work?

Hapbee records magnetic signatures from specific compounds and replays those fields using a wearable headband to imitate emotional effects. Its ulRFE technology accesses a full spectrum of signals, unlike PEMF, which uses monotonous pulse frequencies. That’s the difference between pounding on a couple piano keys (PEMF) vs. a beautiful Bach symphony (uIRFE). Hapbee’s peak signal strength is 40 milliGauss–extremely low, safe, and effective.

Hapbee has collaborated with its research partner, EMulate Therapeutics, to create a whitepaper outlining the known effects of low-energy magnetic fields on biological systems. 

NeoRhythm and Hapbee User Studies

Both Hapbee and NeoRhythm have extensive research behind their products. NeoRhythm has conducted two double-blind placebo-controlled scientific studies and concluded that its device positively affects the brain frequencies of users. These studies tested 2 of NeoRhythm’s 7 signals with 25 users. Another study is currently underway that aims to determine PEMF efficacy.

Hapbee, on the other hand, has tested all 7 of its available signals on both blinded and unblinded users. In unblinded sessions with 135 users, 91% reported feeling the signal played in a one-off setting.

Blinded users were able to differentiate between signal and no signal in 100% of cases and were able to distinguish between signals with over 70% accuracy. Most errors occurred when signals were from adjacent feelings, such as misidentifying Relax and Calm. Continued Hapbee research is ongoing, specifically around productivity and sleep.

NeoRhythm vs. Hapbee: Customer Reviews

Before buying a new product, you want to see how others are responding. Does Hapbee work? Is NeoRhythm worth the investment?

Both Hapbee and NeoRhythm have positive reviews. Here’s what users have to say.

Hapbee Reviews

“I still find it hard to believe that I can put this device on the energy setting and within a minute feel like I’ve had some Bulletproof Coffee.” – Dave Asprey

“15% increase in Oura Ring sleep score primarily due to a 4x increase in REM sleep. Wow. You need this thing.” – Martin

I use it for relaxation and sleeping at nighttime. It really makes an impact

“I’ve been using the Relax and Calm signals and checking my blood pressure. It’s staying low, and I’m feeling really good.” – Dr. Richard

“I use Hapbee for relaxation and sleeping at nighttime. It really makes an impact.” – Dr. Tatiana 

“I can’t believe how relaxed Hapbee makes me feel, despite me just getting off duty.” – Officer Clint

“I rely on the Calm and Focus signals throughout my workday, as I am pulled in many directions and can’t afford to get off track.” – Maureen

“In the evenings, I just throw on my Hapbee and sit back and let it all kind of melt away at the end of the day. I’m really, really in love with my Hapbee.” – Ben

NeoRhythm Reviews

“What I have noticed about the Sleep and Relaxation programs is that they really slow your brain down.” – Dr. Cody

“The programs I find myself relying on most heavily are Energy and Vitality and Improve Focus. I use these daily because they help me push through my to do list when I would otherwise give in to distraction or exhaustion.” – Dr. Melissa

Other Things to Consider

We haven’t gotten to the question that’s probably been weighing on your mind: how much will this cost me? The price points are similar for Hapbee and NeoRhythm as they are both regularly priced at $399.

Could I use them both? Yes! Because Hapbee and NeoRhythm function using different modes of stimulation, you could use them both.

Still skeptical about these devices? Then you’ll want to know about their return policies. NeoRhythm offers a 60-day return policy, but it’s necessary to return the device to the company’s factory in Slovenia, which requires a significant shipping cost. Hapbee has a 30-day money-back guarantee that simply asks you to ship the device to Ohio if you’re not satisfied.

Order Hapbee today; you have nothing to lose.

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