French Biohacker Finally Finds Peace of Mind

French Biohacker Finally Finds Peace of Mind

Monsour Hamade of Paris, France, had reached the limit of what he was able to handle. He was super stressed with work responsibilities and projects, overwhelmed by how his personal relationships were spiraling, and fresh out of energy for life. He realized he was in such a nervous state that he couldn’t even feel his body.

That’s when he got into biohacking. Starting with Bulletproof Coffee, he regained the energy he needed. He likens the experience of detoxing and retraining your nervous system to closing background apps on your phone to stop the constant drain of energy that you weren’t even aware of.

Monsour first learned about Hapbee neural headset at a biohacking conference where Dave Asprey was wearing it. He was immediately intrigued and purchased Hapbee right away. His main motivation for buying Hapbee was using the Relax signal. “I’m very interested in retraining my nervous system to be less in sympathetic mode, and I want to shift more to parasympathetic mode, the relax and rest mode,” Monsour says.

He also loves using Focus while at work. He thinks it gives him an unfair advantage over his co-workers because he’s completely able to focus for the entire duration of two- or three-hour virtual meetings. And he’s amazed at how the Sleepy signal has changed his Oura Ring sleep score from 80 before Hapbee to as high as 94 out of 100 with Hapbee.

According to Monsour, there’s a heaviness in the atmosphere where he lives due to all the bad news that keeps coming. He sees biohacking as the remedy to the disease of modernity and to the double-edged sword of technology. “I feel like Hapbee is at the forefront of that because it’s a brand new technology,” Monsour declares. “It’s adding an element you don’t find with other biohacks. What I like is that when you press the button, you get in the state you want without too much effort. That’s the essence of biohacking: the minimum investment with the highest return on investment.”

Monsour points out that it took him a few days before he started to be sensitive enough to the signals to greatly benefit from them. “At first, I was thinking about sending it back, but now I’m not considering that because it’s working really well,” he shares. “It’s a substantial investment for a lot of people, but that’s what you would pay for a yearly gym subscription here in France.”

If you’re wondering if Hapbee is worth it for you, Monsour has this to say: “Just go for it. This is amazing technology. You will definitely find a signal that helps. I use Hapbee every day. I wear it almost 24/7. I’m so efficient at work because I take a 15- or 20-minute break at lunchtime and use the Relax signal to help me meditate. This is worth the investment. It really changes the quality of your life.”
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