A Guide to Self-Improvement Feat. Hapbee’s 8 Signals

A Guide to Self-Improvement Feat. Hapbee’s 8 Signals

How to focus better with Hapbee

With students returning to school and leaves starting to fall, the atmosphere is brimming with new opportunities. Even if you’re not a student yourself, you’re probably feeling inspired to work on yourself during this season. After all, everyone deserves a fresh start each year.

And if you’re a parent who’s relieved your kids are back in school and the house is a little less chaotic than it was this summer, you might find yourself with some extra time to focus on you…finally. I can’t think of a better way to treat yourself than with your Hapbee.

Each Hapbee signal has the ability to improve your life in different ways. Maybe you tend to stick to one or two favorite signals that you’ve fallen in love with. Or perhaps you’re a little confused as to what exactly each signal should be used for. Either way, it’s time for you to see what all eight Hapbee signals can do for you. 

1. Focus – for getting in the zone

Hapbee’s Focus signal was built with deep work in mind. When you find yourself a little distracted, Focus will bring you back into the zone. It’s the key to getting into flow state. You’ll become more concentrated, more creative, and – most of all – more productive.

“I always use Focus at work. It gives me an unfair advantage compared to my colleagues because I’m able to stay focused for a really long time thanks to Hapbee,” says French biohacker Monsour Hamade.

2. Alert – to power your morning workout

Let’s be honest, it’s not always easy to wake up enthusiastically for your early morning cardio workout or weightlifting routine. Switch on Alert to give you a virtual shot of espresso when you feel like you’d rather stay in bed. You’ll also feel more energized for your workout itself.

“Alert is super key for all my training and getting in that right headspace,” SUP World Champion Connor Baxter says. 

3. Boost – for a burst of energy when you’re fading

Do you find yourself relying on that mid-afternoon cup of coffee even though you have a feeling it disrupts your sleep at night? Our newest signal, Boost, can help you with that. You’ll feel a burst of caffeine without any negative side effects. That means you can use Boost at any time of day or night without worrying about your sleep being affected.

Caleb says, “I love it! I tried Boost first time during a major afternoon crash and ended up finishing all my work early and cleaning the house!”

4. Relax – to switch from work mode to home mode

We’ve all had the experience of “taking work home with us”…and it’s worse than ever now that many of us are working from home. If you need a little assistance transitioning from work mode to home mode, the Relax signal is here for you. You’ll feel the tension leave your muscles as you settle into a peaceful evening.

Ben says, “In the evenings, I just throw on Relax and sit back and let it all kind of melt away at the end of the day.”

5. Calm – for peaceful, centering meditation

Hapbee’s Calm signal was created specifically for your mind. When you can’t make your mind stop spinning, turn on Calm to ease you into a more peaceful state. If you’re looking for something to take your meditation practice to the next level, Calm is the perfect tool to make you even more mindful as you breathe in…and out.

“I used Calm for 30 minutes and felt relaxed and chilled out,” says Martin.

6. Happy – to channel your inner social butterfly

Maybe you’ve been looking forward to the kickback at your buddy’s house all week, but now that Friday evening has rolled around you’re just not feeling it. Happy will get you ready for a night out with friends. You’ll get that blissful, buzzed feeling that lets you know the weekend has arrived.

Nick shares, “When I’m on the Happy signal, my chest seems to open up and it feels a lot lighter and more airy.”

7. Bedtime – for triggering that sleepy feeling

We’ve all been there. You’re lying in bed at midnight with your eyes open wide and your mind going through tomorrow’s to-do list or today’s mistakes or whatever worst-case scenario it’s fixated on. With Bedtime, you can start getting sleepy before you even get into bed. That way, you’ll fall into peaceful sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow–no anxious thoughts swirling around.

Lee says, “With Bedtime, I was able to fall asleep quickly and effortlessly. And when I look at the data of my recent nights of sleep, I slept about 15% more than a few nights before. Feeling great today!”

8. Deep Sleep – to increase deep, restorative sleep

Deep Sleep is designed to get you the deep, restful sleep you need to be your best self during the day. Unlike Bedtime, Deep Sleep is meant to be used while you’re already sleeping. Most of our users choose to turn on Bedtime 30 minutes before going to bed and then sleep with their Hapbee under their pillow set on Deep Sleep. 

“Both my REM and deep sleep have increased materially since I started using Hapbee,” says Satori Capital Co-founder Randy Eisenmann.

However you’re looking to improve your life, Hapbee has the answer. Whether you’re trying to become more serious about exercise, more productive at work, more dedicated to going to sleep early, or more social at parties, Hapbee has a signal that can help you. What are you waiting for? With Hapbee’s 30-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Order today.

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