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Hapbee ∞ Infinity Membership

Hapbee ∞ Infinity Membership

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Your Hapbee device purchase includes a 30-day Hapbee ∞ Infinity Membership trial to all blends in the catalog  

Access is $19/month to maintain Hapbee ∞ Infinity Membership after the 30-day free trial period.

Hapbee App Access (Free forever, included with device purchase)

  • 100-Night Trial on Products
  • Access to 3 Hapbee Core Routines to help your Sleep, Mood, and Perform
  • Unlimited Play Time & Unlimited Devices
  • Guided calibration sessions to get you to your hapbee place
  • Single User Profile

Hapbee ∞ Infinity Membership

✓ 2-year hardware extended warranty

 FREE personalized wellness consultation based on your sleep data, priority care

 Access to 100s of Routines designed by Hapbee, celebrity partners, and experts.

 Exclusive and early Access to new products, and accessories, routines, and app features.

 Access to the Private Hapbee Community

  Extra-Strength™ Routines for when you need a bigger kick. (coming soon)

 Personalized Smart Routines. Optimize your day and night, based on your preference and your wearable and health data. (coming soon)


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  • Sleep

    Fall Asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake up refreshed

  • Performance

    Wake up, Increase your energy levels, improve your focus

  • Mood

    Reduce your stress, relax your body, increase joy