Working from Home: The Good, the Bad, and the Hapbee

Working from Home: The Good, the Bad, and the Hapbee

It’s no secret that the pandemic changed quite a bit of what was once a typical daily routine into anything but for many Americans. All sorts of presumptions about life dramatically changed; some, like the new normal of working from home for many in the workforce, have turned out to have plenty of upside overall.

But sometimes what is seemingly a positive for many can turn out to have negative side-effects, both physical and psychological. From getting less exercise and developing poor posture habits, to developing stress from having no choice but to navigate entirely new terrain, the new normal of regular isolation, relative to new expectations of productivity, can all take a toll.


Work From Home: The Good

For many, working in their own home and environment can be a filled with all sorts of positives. Having your own bathroom; being able to choose not just the music but the volume without others getting involved; saving money not just because of more regularly cooking your own food, but because there aren’t co-workers around to “accidentally” take your last snack out of the fridge… these can all be hugely beneficial.

In addition, the positives of eliminating what can be hours of daily commuting time can be numerous. Additional downtime, as well more opportunity for longer periods of sleep, can improve both overall physical and mental health.

But even for those who enjoy certain aspects of a work-from-home environment, there may also be serious downside ramifications.


Work From Home: The Bad


Having been stuck indoors for the beginning of the pandemic, then stuck at home while work resumed, whatever routine many had been accustomed to is pretty much gone forever. And for many people, it’s the routine of day-to-day life that kept them healthy in the first place. 

For example, many people have typically gone to the gym three or more days a week, before or after work, at a location convenient to their commute. Regular exercise not only leads to overall improved physical fitness, but has also been scientifically proven to improve mental ability and moods.

Working from home involves an entirely different routine, and unless you live close to a gym, can require far more effort, between a lack of equipment, and the fact that motivation may be easier in a group setting, among various other factors. In addition, anyone who sits behind a desk or on a couch all day for work, without even the regular inter-office physical interaction, can develop all sorts of aches and pains due to inactivity.

Moreover for many who work away from a traditional office setting, work days have been slowly creeping up past eight hours, to nine, ten or more. When an employer doesn’t physically see you hard at work, it can be easy to pile on additional duties without thinking through the ramifications. 

The upshot of all of it is simple: the new normal, is, relative to working conditions you may have spent a lifetime becoming accustomed to, essentially abnormal now.

But there is, of course, an easy way to combat its negative ramifications.



The Hapbee


Hapbee helps people live better by empowering them to improve 3 key areas of wellbeing: Sleep, Performance and Mood.

When one suffers, it creates a ripple effect that impacts your overall health. Hapbee gives you the power to optimize each of these areas when and how you want, so you can live on your terms.

A Hapbee wearable device uses technology to recreate the effects of various drugs, chemicals and compounds on the body, with no need to physically ingest the substances themselves. And the list of potentially therapeutic options is long; from the effects of CBD and melatonin to help the body relax and sleep, caffeine, nicotine and theobromine for energy and focus, and alcohol to brighten moods, and more. 

All of which enables anyone feeling the effects of adjusting to working from home, to do something both convenient and easy to reverse them.

Which means that while you may have no choice but adjust as best you can to the new normal, a Hapbee may just be the quickest way to get back to normal in general, regardless of circumstances.

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