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Scott Donnell

At around 1pm every day millions of Americans hit a wall. The dreaded afternoon crash.

Afraid of falling asleep at their desks, many people reach for another coffee to get that afternoon energy rush.

But what if you could feel the exact effects of coffee – alert, awake, and attentive without drinking coffee. 

Well, my guest says you CAN. 

That’s right – he believes that thanks to the latest mood-stabilizing technology, you can CHOOSE how you want to feel. 

He’s Scott Donnell, entrepreneur and CEO of Hapbee – the first wearable device that uses electromagnetic signals to guide your mood. 

And the best part? It’s backed by TONS of research. 

Hapbee’s even been referred to as the “Netflix for feelings” – and on this episode Scott and I talk all about it. 

We discuss the science behind the Hapbee, the importance of interacting with your emotions on a daily basis, and how YOU can take control of your mood to unleash your full potential. 

This podcast episode is sponsored by Hapbee. However, the opinions I share on the Hapbee device are my own. 

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