Podcast: Drug Free. Be Hapbee with our CEO Yona Shtern on The Way Forward

Yona Shtern

What is Hapbee? Alec sits down with Yona Shtern to learn more about Hapbee and how their products actually work.

Yona Shtern is CEO and Chairman of Hapbee – the publicly traded, wearable wellness technology company. He has built, grown, and advised numerous disruptive technology companies from early stage to maturity across a variety of verticals, including consumer products, mobility, telecommunication, fashion, and health & beauty.

Hapbee is a digital wellness platform that promotes improved sleep, focus, and relaxation. Hapbees’ tiny magnetic songs naturally stimulate bio-receptors in cells to recreate sensations and outcomes without side effects. These frequencies, based on naturally occurring substances, can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep, maintain focus during the day, and increase performance.

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