Featured on Ask Dr. Drew: our CTO Brian Mogen Ph.D. Discusses the Science of Hapbee

Featured on Ask Dr. Drew: our CTO Brian Mogen Ph.D. Discusses the Science of Hapbee

Brian Mogen Ph.D. is the Chief Technology Officer at Hapbee Technologies. He joins Dr. Drew to discuss the root science and exciting potential of the Hapbee device.

Hapbee’s smart wellness technology empowers you to change how you feel. They’ve replicated the unique magnetic signatures of popular mood-changing ingredients (like caffeine and melatonin) which, when played through your Hapbee device, safely activate the effects of the ingredients in your body without you ingesting them. It’s all managed from their user-friendly app, so you’re always in control. Whether you’re looking for a creative boost, sharpened focus, or a night of deep sleep, just put it on and change how you feel. Feel Hapbee.

Brian Mogen is Hapbee’s resident expert in translational science and neuromodulation. Throughout his career, Dr. Mogen has successfully built next-generation electronics and software platforms in both medical and non-medical spheres. His experience also includes being the co-founder of a data platform for sensor-based digital health delivery. As Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Mogen oversees signal testing and hardware and software development for Hapbee, as well as assisting with R&D and product roadmaps.
Dr. Mogen’s background consists of studying biomedical engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and receiving a Ph.D. in brain-computer interfaces from the University of Washington. His extensive published research is namely in the fields of translational neuroscience, microfluidics, and electronics hardware.

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