Hapbee Wearable

Feedback is great,
Change is better.

The wearable that lets you change how you feel.
Better sleep. More energy. Less stress

Hapbee Sleep

Incredible sleep,
better days.

The wearable to enhance your night's sleep
Faster to sleep. Deeper sleep. Restorative Sleep.

Hapbee Mental Wellness

Find Your,
Hapbee Place.

The wearable for a more peaceful state of mind
More calm. More clear. Better days ahead.

Hapbee Performance

Enhance your life,
like never before.

The wearable to boost your performance all day.
More energy. Better focus. More creativity.


Meet Hapbee

The wearable that lets you take control of how you feel.

Why Hapbee?

Need energy? Feeling stressed? Need sleep? The need to feel better is the one constant for everyone.

  • 70% of adults in America report they obtain insufficient sleep and are sleep deprived.
  • 1 in 2 US adults experience depression each year.
  • Over 20% of America suffers chronic pain (feeling pain everyday) that’s over 50 million.

How can Hapbee help you change how you feel?

The Hapbee Wearable plays recordings of a molecules unique magnetic frequency. Your body feels the effects of the molecule without the side effects from ingesting the compound.

Feel the effects of caffeine without drinking a cup of coffee.

Feel the effects of melatonin and sleep through the night without taking a sleep aid.

Day and night

With Hapbee, you control how you feel to always be at your best when you need it.

Faster to Sleep. Deeper Sleep. Restorative Sleep.
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More energy. Better focus. More creativity.
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More calm. More clear. Better days ahead.
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Less Pain. Better Movement. More Relaxed.
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The Hapbee Wearable

The Hapbee App

Browse our Blends

A blend is a combination of different signals engineered from key natural ingredients. Your bodies receptors receive these signals like a song.

blends catalogue

Wind Down

Prepare body and mind for sleep

Get yourself ready for a beautiful night of rest with Wind Down. Play this Blend to begin the process of calming your muscles, calming your thoughts, and easing into sleep.

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Close your eyes and get some zzz’s

Feel your eyelids become heavier and your body melt into your bed as our Bedtime Blend transitions you into restful sleep.

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Deep Sleep

For uninterrupted, restorative sleep

Have trouble staying asleep? Try this unique blend to experience a full night of incredible sleep.

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Wake Up

The perfect way to start your day

If you’re someone who just keeps hitting the snooze button, maybe try this combination of caffeine and theobromine to kiss your grogginess goodbye

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Long Flight

Get yourself comfortable, you’re about to take off

Our Blend of CBD and melatonin is the perfect way to melt away your worries and chill out, wherever the journey takes you.

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Email Mastery

Relaxed and focused: time to get to work

Lots to do and feeling scattered? A combo of CBD and caffeine will get you into the perfect state to knock out your to do list

Learn More

Morning Coffee

All the energy, no cream or sugar required

Go ahead and skip your cup of coffee for today (or not, and get a double dose of caffeine without the shakes!)

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Afternoon Slump

For those of us who have to keep working after lunch

That feeling after a decadent piece of dark chocolate? A burst of energy, none of the calories.

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Master your Attention

The ultimate mindset for productivity

Get into your flow state, when you are calm and clear-headed, and ready for anything. Drop into a state of focus and conquer the world

Learn More

Creative Boost

Juices flowing, now let’s get going

The focus to produce, plus the energy to play. Life is a canvas, and here is your easel

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Deep Work

Hit your deadlines without the stress

Feeling anxious about your to do list? This Blend will get you deep into your zone, with a little bit of calm and a lot focus for sustained productivity

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Happy Hour

Drinks are on us tonight!

No hangover. No regrets. Only a good time with our alcohol Blend, for that perfect buzz to put a smile on your face

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Zen Companion

Meditate on this

Clear your mind, focus your thoughts, and relax your muscles. This Blend is truly a blissful experience

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Strain Relief

Give your muscles the break they deserve

Feeling tight? Try this CBD Blend to loosen up those muscles and melt away, without affecting your mind

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Time to Lounge

Because you work hard and deserve some R&R

Done for the day? Give your body and mind the break they deserve. It’s all in the name - Time to Lounge and enjoy a bit of downtime

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Chill out your senses

Relax your mind and chill out your senses

Formerly known as the Calm signal. This blend is the definition of "chill", allowing you to mellow out and tone down unwanted stressors throughout the day.

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Feel it to believe it.


Experience Hapbee


Just pair with your phone, place the band around your head or neck, and select a signal.


Hapbee employs low-energy magnetic fields that have been used therapeutically for decades.


In blind tests, 100% of onboarded users can feel, and tell the difference between Hapbee's signals.

A wellness revolution.

A new era in health, loved by wellness guru Deepak Chopra.

Real Science.
Trusted benefits.

The benefits of a drug without the harsh chemicals.

I put on a calming signal that helps me get into a deep relaxation mode.

Ben Greenfield
Biohacker, Fitness Expert

A stroke of genius.

Dave Asprey
Founder, Bulletproof Coffee

This is something that gives you your power back. Your agency.

Jim Kwik
Founder, Limitless Brain
Hapbee Smart Wearable
Hapbee Smart Wearable
Hapbee Smart Wearable
Hapbee Smart Wearable
Hapbee Smart Wearable
Hapbee Smart Wearable
Hapbee Smart Wearable
Hapbee Smart Wearable
Hapbee Smart Wearable
Hapbee Smart Wearable

Hapbee Smart Wearable

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Risk free 30-day money back guarantee.

    • Includes 30 day All-Access Membership trial to all blends in the catalog 
    • ($19/month to maintain All-Access Membership after trial period) 
    • Two Blends of your choice included with Base Membership - Full access to catalog with All-Access Membership

Easy to Use: Wear around your head or neck. Ultra Low Frequency - Backed by decades of research.

Free Shipping - On all Continental US orders. Guaranteed to Work - or your money back! 

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