The Hapbee wearable for Veterans

Non-chemical solution to help veterans transition
and maintain a balanced and enjoyable civilian life

Improve your sleep, boost your focus, sustain your energy and bring anxiety under control 


Our Mission:

To ease Veterans’ transition back to civilian life through chemical-free support and to maintain an improved life-balance afterwards.

What is Hapbee?

Hapbee is a wearable with a unique technology that delivers ultra-low energy electromagnetic signals to your body which perfectly imitate natural compounds found in both nature and our own bodies. Our bodies (our bio-receptors) react to these signals in the same manner as if actually ingesting the compounds.

The result is a non-chemical approach that supports the phases of our day-to-day life that lead to both sleep and overall life-balance - in fact, the path toward sleep is precisely the same as the path toward balance.

HOW CAN IT WORK? How Is it possible!!?

Hapbee works using a patented technology called ultra-low radio frequency energy technology (ulRFE®) was developed over 15 years of research and development and is covered by 47 patents. It has been used, tested and helped thousands of people, many of which are Veterans. In fact, it’s become a core element of PTSD therapies for amazing support organizations such as Grey Team and whose purpose is to support vets toward healing and to lead the life they want.

Why Veteran's Love Hapbee

Hapbee is really exciting to us because it can emulate the chemical signature of substances that you would typically intake into your body... You get no side effects, no hangovers, you get no issues whatsoever

Cary Reichbach
Grey Team Co-Founder and US Army Veteran

I was getting 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night but I get way more sleep that I used to and I’m way more rested

Trevor Arthur Becker
US Marine Corp veteran

Hapbee has helped me decrease the amount of meds that I’m taking

Rick Cagle
US Marine Corp veteran

I don’t get the yucky side effects that I had with the medicine. It’s just a simple thing that gets me grounded and stay centered, and stay focused all at the same time.

Harrold Peck Jr.
US Army Veteran