Smart Sleep Pad

Sleep More. Stress Less. Live Better.

  • Fall asleep faster
  • Stay asleep all-night
  • Improve your REM sleep
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Tired of feeling exhausted?

You shouldn't have to take sleeping pill every night just to feel rested. Or reach for that 3rd+ cup of coffee just to make it through the day. The problem might be your sleep quality. You're not alone, more than 70 million Americans struggle to get a good, restful night’s sleep.

We know how you feel

We all struggled with sleep, and finding enough energy to excel all of the priorities in our high-performing lives. We want to have it all, but just don't vitality that we used to have. Of course, we knew there has to be a better way.

That's why we developed the Hapbee Smart Sleep Pad

Hapbee developed the world's only bio-streaming technology (ulRFE®) that emulates specific magnetic fields to produce desired feelings in the body. Now, with the Smart Sleep Pad We've engineered it to solve your most important challenge: Getting Better Sleep

Hapbee Customers

"I have been an avid hapbee user since it first launched and I can't tell you how excited I am! hapbee is an incredible technology for improving mental wellness. it has benefitted me personally."

Ben Greenfield, NYT Author and Biohacker

"Hapbee Changed my life. I'm now getting the sleep I need!

I had a sleep disorder from 2001 until about a week of after starting Hapbee. I couldn't function properly throughout the day due to excessive tiredness. I now have lots of energy. So very happy my husband insisted I try Hapbee!❤️"

Laara H, Female 65+

After numerous attempts looking for a product that would help me sleep, without any harmful effects, I found hapbee! Now I not only have better sleep quality, but a better lifestyle. Thanks Hapbee!"

Chloe G, Female 35-44

The drug-free sleep solution!
We now have no more problems falling asleep... We are grateful to hapbee for the better quality of sleep it gives us.

Jhon, Male 35-44

Your sleepless nights are a thing of the past.

Engineered for Deep Sleep. Built for You.

A completed redesigned form-factor designed exclusively for sleep. 50% more powerful, 5+ night battery-life. Make your sleep data actionable.

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Get smart. Ditch your sleeping pills.

Hapbees' revolutionary app-powered magnetic signals send a tiny gentle wave of digital melatonin or CBD to give you a restful sleep, naturally. Proven to give up to 48% improvement in sleep quality.

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Works with your existing bedding

Thin design to easily slide under your existing pillow or inside your pillow case. No need to give up your favorite pillow, sheets or bedding setup. Simply slide the smart sleep pad under your pillow or in your pillowcase.

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 Crafted For Your Maximum Comfort

Slim 1/2 inch thick, 100% Cotton Outer. And rest easy with anti-microbial, non-allergenic & flame-retardant finish.

Hit the Power Button, Hit your favorite routine, then hit the hay.

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App Powered with Expert-Designed Routines For Specific Results

Select Routines for your situation and specific durations to sleep through the night, a power nap, Waking up in the morning.

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100-Nights Risk-Free Guarantee

We're so confident that you'll love It your new Hapbee Smart Sleep Pad but we know it can take the body some time to adjust. So, we give you 100 nights to try it out. If you don't like it, send it back for a full money-back guarantee.

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Get The Smart Sleep Pad Today

Includes the Smart Sleep Pad, 30-Day all-access membership to our app and library of blends, sleep routines and integrations.


We're sure of it. That's why every smart sleep pad also comes with a 100-night risk-free money-back guarantee.

The plan for your new Hapbee Sleep Routine

Place your Smart Sleep Pad under your pillow

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Open the app and start your night time routine

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Begin to Sleep Better and Wake up Rejuvenated

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Sleep better, wake up refreshed and energize your life

Have more energy when spending time on matters most to you. Wake up ready to conquer the day, not trying to squeeze out another 9 min snooze cycle or yet another latte. Increase your vitality with the smart sleep pad.

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Don't suffer through another sleepless night

Don't struggle through another sleepless night, sluggish morning. and ditch that feeling that you're just not able to get the focus and vitality you need for your busy, high-performance life.

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Get The Smart Sleep Pad Today

Includes the Smart Sleep Pad, 30-Day membership to our app and library of digital blends, sleep routines and integrations.

YOU WILL SLEEP BETTER. That's why every smart sleep pad also comes with a 100-night risk-free money-back guarantee.


When will my order arrive?

The Hapbee Smart Sleep is actively being manfactured. Pre-Order customer will begin to receive delivery by 2022 holidays. First-come first-shipped.

Can I return an item if I'm dissatisfied?

We stand behind our products. That's why the Smart Sleep Pad comes with a 100-night guarantee.

Can I use my existing subscription?

Yes absolutely! Your Hapbee all-access membership subscrption will work on all hapbee hardware products. Simply pair your new device. Plus look for new functionalty to support optimized multi-device handoffs and sleep pad specific routines and capabilities.

Why does Hapbee require a subscription?

To take advantage of all of the features, routines and integrations the all-access membership is required. However, you can still get great value without the all-access membership.