There's a Signal for
every situation.

The Science of Signals


If Hapbee were headphones, signals would be the songs.


Just choose the signal you'd like to play, and Hapbee projects a low-energy frequency that's designed to help influence how you feel.
Each signal is designed to imitate the magnetic effects of molecules that people use every day to enhance their mood, get work done, and relax.

Hapbee Signal Catalogue


Play Bedtime whenever you're ready to hit the hay.

- Prime your mind to fall asleep

- Sneak in a power nap

- Adapt to jet lag and time changes


Reach for Calm when you're feeling mental stress.

- Chill out after a long work day

- Adapt to busy environments

- Settle your mind for meditation or yoga

Deep Sleep

Choose Deep Sleep instead of taking a sleep aid.

- Play from under your pillow while sleeping

- Enjoy deep, restorative sleep

- Support vivid, vibrant dreams


Focus can help you tap into mental clarity, creativity, and confidence.

- Get into flow state

- Zoom in on tasks that demand attention

- Create mental space and get creative


Feel social and loosened up with the Happy hour signal.

- Enjoy the good times with friends and family

- Confidently engage in social situations

- Sit back and enjoy the game with a night cap


Choose this signal when you're feeling physical tension and want to Relax.

- Recover from physical exertion

- Stay loose while working at a desk

- Prime your mind for yoga or stretching


Alert is perfect for times when you need to be awake and focused.

- Wake up and get invigorated

- Block out distractions for a game or presentation

- Work at night without harming sleep quality


Use Boost for a caffeine-free burst of focus and alertness.

- Compare with Alert to find your favorite

- Reduce post-sleep brain fog

- Stay awake without the coffee

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