Welcome to Operation Mind Balance

Thank you for your Service. This invitation-only pilot project seeks to evaluate how Hapbee's non-chemical, no side-effects solution can help improve sleep for veterans.

Thank you for your participation

We can not stress enough our gratitude, both for your service, and for your willingness to participate in the study. There is no cost to you as a participant in this study.

Our mission here at Hapbee is to help our customers find more peace, reduce anxiety and improve your overall state of mind.

The value of your contribution to this study can not be overstated and we are here to support you throughout this process, in any way we can.

What is Hapbee?

Hapbee is a unique wearable that uses a new kind of magnetic stimulation to improve, enhance, and help you decide how you want to feel.  No pills, no side effects. 

It offers you renewed control of your sleep routine, your state of mind your emotions.

How it works

You are about to embark on what we hope is a life enhancing journey and we’ll be with you every step of the way. You will follow these simple steps to complete your journey:

STEP 1: Register by creating an account

STEP 2: Receive your Biostrap Sleep Tracker (wrist-worn wearable)

STEP 3: Collect 2-3 weeks of Sleep baseline data

STEP 4: Receive your Hapbee wearable (after the sleep baseline data has been collected)

STEP 5: Use the Hapbee Falling Asleep protocol for 2 weeks

STEP 6: Use the Hapbee Staying Asleep Protocol for 2 weeks

STEP 7: Collect a final week of Sleep baseline data

Step 8: Complete final survey

A few simple rules of engagement:

Please register by creating an account with your name, mailing address, email, and cell number. 

You will be sent text messages and emails to guide and support you during the 30 day period. 

We’ll let you know how to use your wearable- it’s very easy and will become a simple reflex after a few times.  Simply set the right blend on the Hapbee mobile app and and feel as it releases what you need, when you need it.

Fill in the (20 second) survey when you receive it by email or text.  That will help us find out how you’re doing and if we can help you get the results you want.

Return the Biostrap device at the end of the period.

our thanks to you

Keep the Hapbee wearable

If you participate for the entire 30 days, the wearable will be yours to keep (a value of $399) along with a free 1 year all-access subscription.