Updating Your Hapbee App to Use the New Blends in 6 easy steps

1. Update App to newest most recent version: 

  • Delete your Hapbee App and reinstall from the App store
  • You should be on Hapbee App Version 0.100.21


2. Open your Hapbee App

    3. Power and connect your Hapbee Device

    4. Navigate to Devices Page by tapping the menu icon

    5. Select your connected Hapbee Device from the list and view the Device Details page

    6. Select Update/Restore Firmware from the Device List. Your firmware update will begin:

    • Do not press the Hapbee power button until the installation is complete and your Hapbee turns on and lights up again.
    • Your device will turn off all lights and act like nothing is happening. This is normal
    • A progress bar will appear on your phone screen and start to fill. Ensure that this app page stays open and active on your screen until the transfer is complete. This may take as long as 10 minutes depending on your phone model
    • When the progress bar completes you’ll see a confirmation screen and your Hapbee device will install the transferred update and reset. The power light and status light on your device will turn on when the installation is complete. This may take up to 2 minutes once the download is complete
    • When your Hapbee lights up again you can reconnect to the App.
    • Navigate to the Device Details page again and confirm that your Device’s firmware version has updated to 1.0.1

        You’re now ready to check out Blends and enjoy a bunch of new ways to use your Hapbee!



          • If your Hapbee device battery is below 60% you may experience an interruption in the transfer. Please charge your Hapbee Device and try again.
          • If something goes wrong during the update process don’t worry. Your Hapbee device will reset and turn on again automatically with its current firmware version.
          • If you're still having problems updating the app after charging you Hapbee device try the following steps:

          1. Reset the headband

          • With the Hapbee turned off, hold the power button for 15 seconds.  The device will turn on then back off.

          2. With until the Hapbee turns back on

          • This can take some time, so please be patient
          • Wait for the device to vibrate and the power button to come back on

          3.Close the app on your phone, restart it and attempt to pair it with the Hapbee again

          4. Re-start your phone, open the app and try to connect with your Hapbee.