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David Meltzer

David Meltzer is an acclaimed player agent, entrepreneur and motivational speaker who led as CEO of the famed Leigh Steinberg Agency, the inspiration for Jerry Maguire.

He was first exposed to Hapbee through his numerous connections in pro sports, where it has quickly become a not-so-secret tool for top performers who need that extra edge without resorting to chemicals or stimulants. 

David Meltzer's Review of Hapbee

“I first learned about Hapbee as a revolutionary, non-chemical, all-natural sleep aid by friends of mine who swore that it had changed their lives.  I decided to give it a try and quickly discovered that it was just as effective for me during the day - when I needed to be sharp and focused even after a full day of work. The margin of error in the business of professional sports, whether you are on the field or negotiating a multi-million deal, is razor thin.  Hapbee helps me dial in and find that edge in meetings and negotiations, despite long days or travel without any side effects.”

David Meltzer

Routines by David Meltzer

Crunch Time by David Melter

“Deadlines won't wait and you need to find that extra gear to double down and power through - especially if it’s getting late and you feel yourself fading”

This 4-hour Crunch Time Routine kicks off with a quick jolt of Afternoon Slump to jump start the engine, followed by Email Mastery and Master Your Attention for total focus and maximum attention. Finish off with Zen Companion for 30 minutes of reflection as your reward and the perfect mood to edit and revise your work. If the workload calls for another road, hit repeat and power through.

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Power Meetings by David Meltzer

“A big meeting usually involves a lot more active listening than talking and that requires your undivided focus and attention because you can’t afford to miss even the slightest detail”

This 2 hour Routine by David starts with a quick hit of Afternoon Slump to ensure you get the juices flowing, followed by 45 minutes of Email Mastery and 1 hour of Deep Work - built to deliver the right focus and attention required to be all in when you need it most.

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