On this episode of the Successfully Funded Podcast, we talk with Scott Donnell: the Co-Founder of Hapbee. Hapbee (“Happy”) is the world’s first wearable that lets you feel calm, alert, focused, relaxed or sleepy on command – all with just a few taps on your smartphone. This unique product allows you to experience the feelings and sensations you desire almost instantly, without ingesting any harmful substance or chemical, while having the ability to return to your normal baseline state within a matter of minutes. Using patented technology and proprietary software, Hapbee sends predictable, low-wavelength electromagnetic signals throughout your body, emulating your favorite feelings and sensations, without the use of potentially harmful substances and chemicals. You’re in total control thanks to Hapbee’s unique SignalMap functionality. Since Hapbee’s different signals are mapped to specific feelings, you have complete control of which feeling or sensation you’d like to prompt with just a couple taps from your smartphone! Most importantly, Hapbee does not require potent chemicals to evoke the feelings and emotions you desire. Hapbee puts you in complete control of the emotions or feelings you want – when you want them – giving you complete control of your state and empowering you to become more mindful of how you feel on a daily basis This kind of awareness in itself is a powerful movement toward living a better life. Check out their Indiegogo if you’d like a Hapbee yourself!

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