Hapbee CEO featured in Gadgets and Wearables

“The device really is one of a kind. A product for mental health and balance, Hapbee allows you to experience the feelings and sensations you desire. It does this through some high-tech which utilizes electromagnetic frequency technology that mimics the effects of substances (coffee, melatonin, etc), along with patented proprietary algorithms”

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Bulletproof Coffee Founder Dave Asprey Shares His Secrets for Succeeding in Self-Isolation

Dave Asprey isn’t ready to let quarantines slow him down. “My whole plan for social isolation is to make the time enjoyable, to emerge stronger than I was before, and to be harder to kill along the way,” says the author, founder and all-around fitness guru. For those out there who are unfamiliar with Asprey, you’ve likely been influenced by his work (even if you didn’t know it).

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