It sounds incredible, but people are
choosing their mental states with
the help of a headband

NOV 23, 2020

It sounds like something out of Avatar or I, Robot.

You're heading to work and need an eye-opening cup of coffee, but you're in a rush.

So you open an app on your phone, select the "Alert" signal, and beam that feeling into your mind and body. You begin to feel more awake, energized, and focused.

After the workday's over, you go to a bar with friends. You want to drive home, so you order sparkling water — and pick the "Happy" signal on your phone.

You're loose, you're social, you have a great time — then you turn it off, and five minutes later you're back to baseline. You drive home, then settle into the couch with the "Relax" signal playing.

Could you really do that? Could you summon a feeling on demand?
When you stream a sitcom, you’re already “summoning feelings”

Once upon a time, you had to go to the theater — at the same time as the actors — to engage in the fantasy of a play.

When you stream a sitcom, you’re
already “summoning feelings”

Once upon a time, you had to go to the theater — at the same time as the actors — to engage in the fantasy of a play.

You witnessed the joys, laughs, and sorrows of each character...

...and your mirror neurons made you feel those same emotions.¹

Over the centuries, those feelings became more accessible. We discovered how to record actors, so you could go to the movies anytime to get a serotonin kick.

Then we gained the ability to stream those recordings on demand. Now, anytime you want the joy of Jim pulling a prank on The Office, you can summon it with your phone.

The story of human progress is essentially "cutting out the middleman." And Hapbee goes one step further, using a “hidden sense” to promote your desired state of mind.

You're already tuning into things
that your 5 senses can't detect.

Stop me if you've heard this before, but "5 senses" isn't quite accurate.

The human body can sense a lot more than taste, touch, sight, smell, and sound:

Proprioception: Your brain knows the location of your body in space. This is how you can close your eyes and touch your finger to your nose.
Equilibrioception: You can sense gravity and acceleration, thanks to your inner ear.
Chronoception: You're probably surprisingly good at guessing the time. That's a sense, as well.

We have at least 21 different ways of sensing the world around us² — and one of those is electromagnetism.

The Earth's magnetic field is older than life itself. And your brain evolved to be electromagnetic.

All life has evolved within the Earth's magnetic field.

It's the same field that makes compasses work.

And plenty of animals have an impressive internal compass — like birds that navigate from Brazil to Canada and back every year.³

There are fish, worms, and insects that can find food because they’re able to sense electromagnetism.⁴

You might not have to migrate every year, but you are still attuned to that magnetic field. Research shows that changes in magnetic fields may affect the brain's electromagnetic signature, as well as the neurotransmitters it produces.⁵

And above all, your brain is electromagnetic. Your neurons communicate using electrical impulses, and actually generate their own magnetic field.⁶

Ask any physicist: nearly all life on this planet, if you break it down far enough, is created by electromagnetism. It’s one of the forces that creates atomic bonds, that nutrients use to interact with your body and mind… and that your brain uses to talk to itself.⁷

Neurons carry messages using electrical impulses. So it shouldn’t be a huge leap to interface with your own brain through electromagnetism.

Electromagnetic devices have been
used therapeutically for decades…

People are already changing their mental programming with the help of technologies like PEMF and transcranial magnetic stimulation.⁸

They’ve been used for decades to help people break out of destructive patterns in their own personal lives — but in current products they require precise use and targeting.

In the last 20 years, however, a new type of electromagnetic stimulation — ultra-low radio frequency energy, or ulRFE — has expanded the usability of this tech:

It doesn’t need to be targeted precisely, so anyone can use it at home
It uses a more complex signal, which allows for more nuanced and specific effects
There’s far less energy in a ulRFE signal than in PEMF

It’s already used in therapeutic settings to help people with neurological impairments…⁹

But we saw enormous potential for helping people in day-to-day, non-therapeutic settings.

...and now you can use them in your daily life, thanks to Hapbee.

Millions of people are already struggling to find presence, happiness, and relaxation in a world that’s drowning in information...

...And the world is getting busier by the day.

So a device that’s designed to promote moods of your own choosing? Sounds like an invaluable tool on your journey!

That’s why we took ulRFE technology and created Hapbee, the wearable tech that lets you choose your mental state.

Just place it around your head or neck, choose a mood on the app, and it projects a signal that’s engineered to promote a specific mental state.

The dream of summoning feelings on demand is now a reality… and Hapbee users are falling in love with it.

Before I tried out the Hapbee, I was skeptical for sure. I didn't think that there was any way that a little wearable could change the way that I felt and I was surprised. I tried it out two times and both times I was blown away that I was able to change my feelings.

Tim Westbrook
Phoenix, AZ

How Hapbee was designed to help
you choose your mental state

Hapbee’s signals are based on molecular analysis done with an extremely sensitive magnetometer — a dumpster-sized device that can detect magnetic fields.

By analyzing molecules that can affect your mood (like a cup of coffee, for example), we’ve developed a collection of signals that are engineered for specific mental states.

Just pair the headband with your phone,
put it on your head or neck, and select a signal from the app:

Feeling mental stress? Select Calm and get ready to chill out.
Play the Sleepy signal half an hour before going to bed.
Need to be awake and focused? Turn on Alert for a few minutes.
Tap into mental clarity, creativity, and confidence with Focus.
Get social with your friends by selecting Happy.
Feeling physically tense? Use Relax to melt into the couch.

Each signal is designed to help you be present for anything — without having to reach for that cup of coffee, sleep aid, or other supplements.

Hapbee helped me feel much more relaxed and tingly throughout my body. It was a subtle and nice sensation and something I could easily do for hours at a time and enjoy.

Michelle Bessler
Chelan, WA

But does it work? And is it safe?

Before launching Hapbee, we spent a lot of hours in the lab: testing prototype devices and signals, troubleshooting, and testing.

We’ve logged thousands of hours of blinded user tests,¹⁰
and are happy to report that:

100% of onboarded users can tell the difference between a real signal and a sham signal (where the device actually isn’t projecting anything)
Onboarded users can differentiate between 2 specific signals over 90% of the time
There have been zero serious adverse effects with Hapbee or the underlying ulRFE technology, dating back through 15 years of R&D

All of these users were onboarded through several sessions of playing signals for a minimum time period — most people need a few sessions for their bodies to fully tune into the signal, but nearly everyone who uses Hapbee finds a signal they feel and enjoy.

I’m feeling calmer by the moment. Really, this is fabulous. This is a beautiful idea, I'm loving the design. Thank you guys for your work.

Nadim Kassam
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Sounds interesting…
but what if it doesn’t work for me?

Electrosensitivity differs a lot between people, in the same way that we all have different tolerances to noise, sunlight, and even the flicker of fluorescent lights.
And that’s why we back Hapbee with a no-questions-asked guarantee.

We’re confident that Hapbee can help you find presence and happiness in your day-to-day life… but if you’re one of the tiny minority that doesn’t feel a difference, you can return your Hapbee within 30 days for an immediate refund.
No hidden charges, and no hidden terms.

This product is a stroke of genius, and when I wear it around my neck with the light, I feel like Ironman. I did this yesterday and everyone thought it was so cool... I feel it everytime I try it. whether it is on my head or my neck. You've actually built something that works, and it does what it says it is supposed to do.

Dave Asprey
Founder, Bulletproof Coffee

In a world of influence, you can
fight back with Hapbee

Between emails, social media, ads, and the news, it feels like the flood of information keeps accelerating these days.

But intention and purpose are the key to a happy, balanced, and productive life.

That’s the philosophy we had when creating Hapbee. In a world where everyone is trying to persuade you to do something, Hapbee is engineered to give you a little more choice over how you feel.

That’s the reason people are calling Hapbee the “Netflix of Feelings.” It gives
you choice in a world of influence.

If you want to see how Hapbee could change your life, check out the official website. You can learn more about the science, browse reviews, and explore the Signalpedia to see how Hapbee fits into users’ lives.

When you’re ready to try it for yourself, you have two choices:

Hapbee® Founder’s Kit:
Get lifetime access to all 6 original signals with a one-time payment
Hapbee® Starter Kit:

Pay much less up front, get permanent access to one signal, and subscribe at your leisure to the full Signal Library

Remember: we back both kits with a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If you don’t find that Hapbee is enhancing your life, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

I am the ultimate skeptic. So when I heard about Hapbee, I'll admit that I thought the idea sounded crazy. Small magnetic fields to change how you feel?

"I'll be the judge of that", I thought to myself. I was so ready to be proven right that I was first in line to try it out. I put it on my head, chose the chillout track, and then completely forgot about it to be honest. And in the middle of a conversation, I suddenly felt it. Mild at first, increasing gradually in intensity. Wave after wave of gentle, comforting sensation rolled through my chest.

I honestly didn't understand what was going on until I remembered that I was still wearing the device. That was when I knew this was real, and that this was going to change the world. And it already is. If you're a natural-born skeptic like I was, give it a try before writing it off. You'll be surprised.

Murray Gray
Topanga, CA


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