Hapbee is based on over 15 years of magnetic technology research. So far hundreds of healthy adult volunteers have used hapbee to experience feelings on demand.

Hapbee uses a proprietary ultra-low frequency signal that gets played through our custom headband to create a uniform magnetic field. Hapbee produces approximately 28mG of magnetic energy at peak. For comparison, a typical refrigerator magnet produces 50G, or almost 1800x as much magnetic flux density.

Devices like hapbee have been ruled "general wellness" devices by the FDA. This is a category that the FDA has defined for technologies that are both safe and intended for improving performance in healthy users, not for medical use. hapbee is not FDA approved for medical applications. It is not a medical device, and therefore is not intended to treat or prevent any health problems.

hapbee device can be controlled by your phone using IOS or Android app using bluetooth. Your phone can detect hapbee device for up to a distance of 30 feet.

While we do plan to have multiple colors available in the future, we initially will offer Hapbee in dark gray.

Full production is underway, and finished Hapbees are scheduled to be completed towards the end of April. We plan to ship them as soon as they pass quality control, but we will communicate with everyone if there are any delays in the process.

Hapbee is not intended for medical use; it is seen as a mood and feeling product. Products like Hapbee are categorized as "general wellness" products because they are only intended for improving performance in healthy users, not for medical use.

The app is private at this time, and will be released on both IOS and Android right after our campaign ends. We will email all backers when it's time to download the app.

Yes it does. You will need a smartphone to use Hapbee.

All backers will get at least 3 months free subscription, beginning after they receive their Hapbee and begin using it with the app. Certain levels will get longer periods of free subscription. Subscription will begin after the free trial at $19/mo or $15/mo for an annual purchase.

We ask all members to be 21 and older to use Hapbee products responsibly.

Yes. We have many more signals and feelings going through testing in our labs as we speak. Those will be released to all members later in the year. Some signals will be a premium, others will be included in the main subscription package.

All backers will get an email to create an account on hapbee.com toward the end of the campaign. We ask that you do this before downloading the app that is scheduled to go public right after this campaign ends.

Absolutely. We intend to use this technology in many different form factors to help people at home, at work, at play, and even while sleeping. Stay tuned...