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Hapbee Sleep & Recovery Set

Hapbee Sleep & Recovery Set

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Hapbee Sleep & Recovery Set - Hapbee Pillow Sleeve + Hapbee Neckband


Hapbee allows you to digitally bio-stream compounds like caffeine & melatonin  without having to ingest them. It’s the way your body is engineered to work.
  • No chemicals, drugs or stimulants in your body.
  • No lingering side effects
  • No stomach discomforts
  • All natural.
Hapbee’s patented technology is safe and effective with years of clinical and consumer data.

Used by:
  • Active and Retired Military
  • Professional Athletes
  • Wellness Practitioners & Spas
  • Chronic Illness Patient Groups
...who want to sleep and focus better without taking drugs or supplements.

Enjoy our growing library of digital blends and routines that imitate the natural magnetic effects of substances that you would otherwise to sleep, enhance your mood, get work done and relax.

Hapbee’s tiny magnetic signals naturally stimulate bio-receptors in your cells to recreate the same sensations without the side effects. Simply choose the blends you’d like and Hapbee does the rest.

The best part is that as soon after you turn Hapbee off, your body simply stops feeling the effect. No lingering side effects. Nothing left in your body to metabolize or to eliminate.

Hapbee is 100% satisfaction guaranteed for a full year.

Hapbee Sleep and Relief Pillow Sleeve is designed for Sleep & Recovery:
Insert Hapbee Neckband into Pillow Sleeve and Use:
  • As your pillow or under your regular pillow with bedtime and sleep blends
  • Behind your back or under limb for strain relief blends
  • On a chair or while traveling behind your neck with a relaxation blend
Hapbee Neckband is designed for Focus and Relaxation.
Remove from Sleeve and wear while:
  • Doing work or studying with deep work and focus blends
  • Taking a break and looking to relax with calming blends
  • Meditating or practicing mindfulness with zen blends
Your Hapbee Smart Sleep & Recovery Set Includes:
  1. The Sleep and Relief Pillow Sleeve
  2. Hapbee Wearable Neckband
  3. Free 30-Day All-Access Membership to all blends and routines
  4. Default Sleep and Focus blends are always accessible
  • A 100-Day money-back satisfaction guarantee for the device and pillow
  • Free shipping Both Ways (US & CA)
  • All-Access Membership as low as $12/month (annual) after trial period
  • – cancel anytime
  • 100% Secure Checkout
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Bundle & Save

  • Sleep

    Fall Asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake up refreshed

  • Performance

    Wake up, Increase your energy levels, improve your focus

  • Mood

    Reduce your stress, relax your body, increase joy