Hapbee’s new Feel Better 365 Day - money back guarantee

Hapbee’s new Feel Better 365 Day - money back guarantee

As our community of Hapbee users continues to grow, we receive a lot of terrific and very constructive suggestions on how to improve from customers and prospective customers alike. Please keep them coming.

One of the most consistent asks we get is to “make trying Hapbee risk-free and give people the chance to actually feel the benefits for themselves”.

Great idea!

On Feb 1 we are delighted to launch our Feel Better 365 Satisfaction Guarantee.
Every Hapbee device purchase now comes with a 90-Day Free Trial of our all-access subscription to the Hapbee Digital Blends catalog, and a 1-year money-back satisfaction guarantee on the Hapbee device.  

Feel Better 365

Together they are intended to provide customers with the opportunity to try and
experience the benefits of Hapbee risk-free.  And, yes, Returns Are Free (in the USA and Canada).

Each Hapbee device also comes pre-bundled with a limited number of Digital Blends that are available as long as you own your device. This ensures that you can always enjoy the core benefits of your Hapbee device - whether you choose to subscribe to one of our extended-value subscriptions or not.  

The optional subscription plans allow you to choose additional features, benefits, and routines you want so your Hapbee experience is constantly evolving and improving. It also puts you in control of how you choose to use Hapbee. You may choose to subscribe, unsubscribe, or alter your subscription at any time.
We have an exciting line-up of new features and benefits coming.

Thank you for faith, confidence, and support.