Psychology Today Publishes Article About Hapbee: “Is This New Technology the Future of Mental Health?”

Picture these three things: a flying car, a mood-altering necklace, and an invisibility cloak. What if I told you one of these is within your reach?
Hapbee won’t make you invisible…and it won’t save you any money on airfare. But it CAN change your mood to exactly how you want to feel.

Sit on that for a second. There are countless implications. You can produce quality work after a restless night. You can reach your inner calm even in the midst of a storm. You can sleep whenever you want to.

Dr. Benjamin Hardy of Psychology Today is optimistic about the future of Hapbee when it comes to mental health. “It would be very interesting if a tool that produces chosen moods at will could become a new aid in therapy or mental health. Maybe in the future, when we’re struggling with an addiction or struggling with sleep, we can turn on an app and an invisible magnetic field will give us a micro-shift, allowing us to achieve our goals in a healthy way.”

You might be surprised to learn that the earth’s magnetic field has a huge impact on humans. Skeptical? Check out this article by Dr. Armen Nikogosian. Or for a super deep dive, sift through all this great research.
Intrigued by the potential of using artificial magnetic fields to affect biology, Dr. Hardy explains how Hapbee has utilized this technology to create a one-of-a-kind mood-balancing apparatus. He states, “Hapbee is a tool you wear around your neck, which creates an artificial magnetic field around you. The accompanying smartphone app purports to trigger various mood states such as happiness, alertness, and even sleepiness.”

You’ll have to turn through the pages of Harry Potter to find an invisibility cloak and flip on Back to the Future to see flying cars, but Hapbee’s incredible mood-changing wearable is something you can touch.

Click here for Dr. Benjamin Hardy’s complete review of Hapbee.

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