Hapbee Welcomes Dr. Brian Mogen and Pat Murray to Leadership Team

Hapbee Welcomes Dr. Brian Mogen and Pat Murray to Leadership Team

Hapbee Technologies, Inc. is thrilled to announce two new additions to its leadership team. Mr. Brian Mogen, Ph.D., now serves as Chief Scientific Officer, and Mr. Pat Murray has accepted the position of Vice President of Product Development.

“Hapbee is at an exciting stage in its growth strategy, one in which we are focused on enhancing our product offering and optimizing our manufacturing capabilities,” says Scott Donnell, CEO of Hapbee. “Brian and Pat bring years of valuable experience to Hapbee that will allow us to accelerate these efforts. I believe any technology-rich, consumer-focused company needs a Brian and a Pat.”

And with that, Hapbee is pleased to introduce the newest members of the leadership team.

Dr. Brian Mogen, Chief Scientific Officer

Brian Mogen is Hapbee’s resident expert in translational science and neuromodulation. Throughout his career, Dr. Mogen has successfully built next-generation electronics and software platforms in both medical and non-medical spheres. His experience also includes being the co-founder of a data platform for sensor-based digital health delivery. As Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Mogen oversees signal testing and hardware and software development for Hapbee, as well as assisting with R&D and product roadmaps.

Dr. Mogen’s background consists of studying biomedical engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and receiving a Ph.D. in brain-computer interfaces from the University of Washington. His extensive published research is namely in the fields of translational neuroscience, microfluidics, and electronics hardware.

Pat Murray, Vice President of Product Development

Pat Murray is an entrepreneur, producer, and inventor. With an initial background in the television and film industry working as a special effects artist and systems engineer, Mr. Murray later co-founded Spectacle, a full-service marketing agency. Spectacle is one of the entertainment industry’s leading experiential design companies, with notable clients including Disney, NBC, Warner Brothers, Fox, Nike, Marvel, Mastercard, Chevron, Toyota, PepsiCo, and many more. As Vice President of Product Development, Mr. Murray manages manufacturing and distribution for Hapbee and assists with future product development.

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