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The Ultimate Biohacking Gift Guide: 12 Best Biohacking Devices to Give This Holiday Season

Think about that person who’s ALWAYS the most difficult to shop for when the holidays come around. Maybe it’s your dad who seems like he has everything he could possibly want. Or perhaps it’s your friend who has a knack for finding the perfect gift for you and you’ve never quite been able...
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Hapbee Advances New Signals into Closed Beta Testing and Completes CE Certification

Hapbee Technologies, Inc., is pleased to announce it is advancing new signals into the closed beta phase of testing. Provided the testing is successful and the licensing arrangements are finalized with EMulate Therapeutics, Inc., Hapbee expects to launch a new signal through the Hapbee App in Q1...
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Hapbee Announces New Advisory Board Members

Hapbee is excited to welcome three new members to its Advisory Board. Hapbee’s Advisory Board brings business insight, guidance, and expanded network to Hapbee leadership. They meet regularly to discuss business goals and navigate high-level corporate issues. Please help us roll out the red...
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Mental Toughness and Resilience: How First Responders and Armed Service Members Benefit from Hapbee

At Hapbee, we truly appreciate our first responders, from police officers to firefighters to nurses…and our military service members as well. That’s why we’re thrilled to hear about how Hapbee neural headset can help our first responder heroes in a unique way. Ashlie Walton is the founder...
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Hapbee’s Solution to The Social Dilemma

Here’s a question I’m pretty certain you’ll get wrong. How many hours do you spend on Instagram per day? Facebook? Gmail? Twitter? Now check your app usage in your phone settings. It’s more than you thought, isn’t it? That’s because those apps are using advanced algorithms to track your...
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27 All-Natural Ways to Completely De-Stress

When was the last time you felt stressed? If you’re anything like me, probably like 10 seconds ago…maybe 20. Tons of studies have found constant stress is – you guessed it – not good for your body. Relying on loads of anti-stress medications is not much better. If you find...
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