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8 Remedies for Drug-Free Anxiety Relief

For those who want to try drug-free anxiety relief, here are some options that could improve how you feel. Anyone can benefit from these natural...
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The Best Brain Wave Tech of 2021

There are numerous wearable devices on the market that are targeted to improve meditation and sleep. Here are some of the top brain wave tech devices out there and what they have to...
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Hapbee vs. NeoRhythm

A thorough comparison of these two innovative devices that looks at research, technology, and customer...
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First New Signal Launches: Try ‘Bedtime’ to Fall Asleep Faster

The first new Hapbee signal is finally here. Learn all about the new Bedtime signal and Hapbee’s future...
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How to Create a Kick-Ass Home Gym Without Breaking the Bank

What’s holding you back from building your own home gym? If you’re worried about finances, check out this guide to designing a home gym on a...
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You’re Probably Not Getting Enough Sleep

Are you part of the sleepless majority? 62% of adults worldwide are not getting enough sleep each night. Here are some tips for improving your sleep and understanding your sleep...
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