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Hapbee Update on Recent Corporate Developments

Nov 06, 2020
Courtesy of Kovert Creative

Hapbee Technologies, Inc. (TSXV: HAPB) is happy to provide an update on several recent corporate developments.

“We are developing more than a cool new consumer product. Hapbee is about helping people maximize their potential,” Scott Donnell, CEO of Hapbee, says. “The feedback we’re receiving from early adopters is providing invaluable data for our team to advance and improve Hapbee prior to its larger scale commercial rollout in 2021.”

Hapbee’s Recent Developments:

  1. Manufactured and Shipped Over 1,800 Hapbee Devices

Although the pandemic has presented some challenges, Hapbee is proud to announce the manufacture and shipment of 1,840 units to date. Most of these units have been shipped to backers from Hapbee’s successful Indiegogo campaign, which was completed earlier this year.

  1. Released Public Beta Version of Hapbee App

Hapbee recently released the public beta version of the Hapbee Companion App for both iOS and Android. Features include Bluetooth pairing, signal selection, playback, and usability control. Hapbee intends to use the data and bug reports collected from the app to improve overall user experience.

Users have logged about 25,000 hours of signal play time in the past 45 days alone. Usage patterns that arose during that time indicate Alert is the most popular signal in the mornings and afternoons, while Sleepy is the most used signal in the evenings and at night.

  1. New Corporate Website Launched

The new Hapbee website features revamped branding, an e-commerce portal, and additional educational content for prospective and current customers and investors. Explore the website to learn more about Hapbee’s mission, product, and goals for the future—and find unique insights for optimally enhancing your life on the Blog page.

  1. Closed C$6.5 Million Placement and Commenced Trading on TSX Venture Exchange

In July 2020, Hapbee announced the closing of a private placement of approximately C$6.5 million (see Hapbee’s press release for further details). Furthermore, Hapbee Technologies, Inc. commenced trading on the TSX Venture exchange under the ticker symbol “HAPB” on October 30, 2020.

To learn more about Hapbee’s recent key developments, go here.

Hapbee Headband

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